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Free WooCommerce Video Lessons

Here’s a series of free video lessons you can watch to learn something about customization, configuration and troubleshooting (no strings attached, unsubscribe at any time). Whether it’s coding, understanding a specific setting or fixing a common WooCommerce error, I’ve got you covered!

CustomizeWoo WooCommerce Online Course

Editing WooCommerce plugin files or core theme templates is never a good idea. WordPress, WooCommerce and properly coded plugins and themes come with “hooks”, and give you the chance to override functionalities and layouts directly from your child theme. Welcome to the world of WooCommerce customization!

Edit WooCommerce with snippets

Lesson 1: Where to Place WooCommerce Customization?

WooCommerce customization should be placed in a “child theme”, an update-proof version of your WordPress theme. In there you can override colors, fonts, layouts (CSS) and even change or add new functionalities (PHP).

Now that you’ve watched Lesson #1 and know where to place your WooCommerce custom code, the following video lessons will show you how to achieve some basic yet effective WooCommerce customization. You will learn how to use “hooks” and add, remove, move or edit WooCommerce content. From the single product page to the checkout page, I’ve got you covered!

ConfigureWoo WooCommerce Online Course

Getting to know the WooCommerce settings inside out could save you time and money. We’re all guilty of looking for plugins and code snippets… when the solution is already provided by WooCommerce out of the box! Deeply understanding the WooCommerce configuration options can really open a world of possible.

Find WooCommerce settings

Lesson 1: Where to Find WooCommerce Settings?

WooCommerce setup begins from knowing exactly what the settings do and… where to find them. If you get familiar with the range of plugin features you can also figure out when the default settings are not enough for your needs.

Now that you know “where to look” in regard to WooCommerce setup, the following video lessons will show you how to master some of the most popular WooCommerce settings. You will learn what the ideal product image sizes are, how to create complex shipping rules, how to handle taxes and more. Either way, these free videos will help you immensely!

TroubleshootWoo WooCommerce Online Course

Fixing a broken WooCommerce website should be easy and fast. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and your website users may be deeply affected. Here are some free lessons for you so you can understand the terms, know the causes and figure out how to act quickly.

Update WooCommerce correctly

Lesson 1: Updating WooCommerce The Right Way

Easier said than done: you can avoid 99% of your WooCommerce website issues if you can keep your website up to date and avoid conflicts and bugs (or even security holes).

Now that you’ve likely excluded most issues by keeping your software up to date, you need to know that sometimes that’s not enough and you may experience website errors or be victim of a hacker attack. This means you’ve got to take action, guess the cause and find a fix.

Free WooCommerce Tips, Snippets & Tutorials

A collection of tips, snippets and articles to answer your most important WooCommerce customization questions. And to give you a head-start on the most common WooCommerce edits!

Advanced WooCommerce Resources

WooCommerce visual hook guides, PHP coding shortcuts and additional resources to help you customize WooCommerce like a pro!

WooCommerce visual hook guides
Easily and quickly find WooCommerce hooks by seeing their actual locations (and you can copy/paste).
WooCommerce conditional logic
Run your PHP functions only when certain conditions are met e.g. if “product belongs to category X”.

WooCommerce Add to Cart URL
Here’s how to create custom WooCommerce Add to Cart links / buttons and make them add products to cart, redirect to specific pages. This tutorial includes also variable and grouped products, as well as quantities >1.
Get WooCommerce product info
“How can I get the product SKU”? Or “How can I get the product short description”? Or maybe the product stock level, shipping class, tax class, price, regular price, sale price, and so on…
Get WooCommerce order info
“How can I get the order subtotal”? Or “How can I get the order items”? Or maybe the order ID, customer ID, billing and shipping info, payment method, dates, status, refunds and so on…

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