Get in Touch with Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer Owner

Hi there, Rodolfo here – nice to meet you!

I’m a civil engineer who spent his life between Italy, Ireland, South America and the USA. The way I bumped into WooCommerce is a very long story… needless to say, I love my job!

I work daily as a WooCommerce Developer. Also, I love sharing my knowledge: I teach WooCommerce courses, I run a WooCommerce creators club, I run a popular WooCommerce blog, I write a weekly WooCommerce newsletter, I’m the author of a book about ecommerce, and speak at WordCamps all over the world.

What do you need help with today?

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1. WooCommerce development / consulting quote

I’m able to handle simple and complex WooCommerce development jobs. In relation to turnaround, I’m pretty fast usually: 3-10 working days and sometimes it only takes 1 day. Of course this hugely depends on the task itself.

In regard to the investment required, I invoice clients for 1-4 prepaid hours or, more conveniently, for a prepaid 5 hours block at a cheaper hourly rate. Payment methods are PayPal and all major Credit Cards.

My work comes with a 12 months warranty if my customization stops working, a return policy (if I can’t find a viable solution, you get a full time refund) and peace of mind, as it’s only me logging into, dealing with and working on your website – never a subcontractor.

Here’s some of the latest feedback I received from clients:

You can send me your project specifications here (min budget = $150 USD):

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2. Ecommerce consulting / audit inquiry

Business Bloomer is my *only* source of income – it’s an ecommerce website that attracts users via a helpful resource (lead magnet), turns them into email subscribers (nurturing), and eventually converts subscribers into customers. This website is a sales machine, engineered to work 24/7 on its own.

As a result of this marketing effort, I wrote a book called Ecommerce and Beyond. If you need help with improving your ecommerce site, this book is a perfect start for your optimization journey.

You can also ask me to audit your website from a conversion / performance optimization point of view, as well as hiring me for specific 1-to-1 consulting. Inquire here:

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3. Guest blog / co-marketing / partnership / sponsorship inquiry

There are actually several ways you could gain the publicity you’re looking for for your WooCommerce plugin / theme / SaaS / product / business. Just so you know, I chase quality, and therefore I require an upfront payment.

-> Business Bloomer Club

The Business Bloomer Club gives you several benefits as a sponsor, such as brand awareness, a private Slack channel where you can connect with fellow developers, a public profile with a do-follow link and the chance to run your online event (masterclass, demo, AMA):

-> WooWeekly sponsorship

WooWeekly is a weekly newsletter for WooCommerce developers, designers and store owners. Right now we send to 17,000+ subscribers, with a 25%-30% open rate and a 3-5% click rate. Besides, we copy the email content on the website for SEO, backlinking and archive purposes.

There are 3 sponsorship options, starting at $97. All of them give you an email slot (4 issues) and a website slot (forever) with name, description and text link. We email once/week on a Wednesday. If you haven’t signed up yet and wish to receive the next issue to see how it works, you can do so here:

-> Guest post / inclusion

If you wish to tap into the Business Bloomer audience, you can pitch your guest blog idea.

The article must be strictly related to WooCommerce, and its title should start with “WooCommerce: __”. You will email me your outline and suggested do-follow link (must have ‘woocommerce’ in the URL) for approval; once we reach an agreement you can then send me a draft (750+ words, unique content, copyscape proof).

I also allow for inclusions on existing blog posts, as long as they’re related to a WooCommerce plugin/theme/product. Once again, you will email me the suggested do-follow link (must have ‘woocommerce’ in the URL) before writing the full excerpt according to the blog post guidelines.

Send your inquiry here:

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4. WooCommerce mini-plugin support request

If you need a hand with your WooCommerce mini-plugin purchase, create your ticket here:

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5. Business Bloomer Inquiry

This is for generic support, help, troubleshooting.

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