Learn How to Customize WooCommerce Without Unnecessary Plugins

A technical video course that will show you how to override WooCommerce pages and elements without using plugins. Watch me code and learn by example.

Fully Updated
Language: English + Subtitles
Length: 50+ Videos
Requires: Basic HTML & CSS

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

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“Is there a plugin for that?” is the wrong question.

If you need to customize WooCommerce you should first ask yourself: “Is there a snippet for that?.

WooCommerce plugin is so well coded that it’s a shame not to take advantage of its flexibility. The answer to “Can this be done in WooCommerce?” should always be “Yes”.

It’s up to you whether you want to purchase, install, maintain, troubleshoot a whole WooCommerce plugin – OR you want to give coding a try and achieve the same result with a few lines of PHP.

So here comes CustomizeWoo to the rescue: a series of videos, screencasts, examples and exercises to feel more confident about child themes, hooks and CSS/PHP snippets.

~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer Founder

How does CustomizeWoo work?

CustomizeWoo is designed to give you LIFETIME access to your “Netflix” of WooCommerce customization video lessons (no subscription!). Study the theory, pick a screencast and watch me code. Go test your snippets on your test website. Use the comment area to ask Rodolfo lesson-specific questions (forever). Finally, a course focused on YOU.

Lesson Plan

CustomizeWoo is divided into 5 modules. Each section has on average 10 videos lessons. Each video lesson comes with the slides or full transcription, useful links, and a comment area where students can post comments, feedback, questions and snippets.

  • (XX:YY) = Video length in minutes:seconds
  • [FREE] = Lesson available to free subscribers

Module 1: WooCommerce Foundation

Get to know the basics: plugin settings, child themes, required tools, mistakes to avoid and more.

Plugin or Custom Code? (04:37)
WooCommerce Definitions (12:37)
Required Tools (05:47)
Mistakes to Avoid (05:43)
WooCommerce Settings Overview (06:52)
Where to Place Customization (15:49) [FREE]
Customization FAQ (06:31)

Module 2: Getting Ready For Customization

Before customizing WooCommerce learn how it’s coded, maintained and developed as well as the tools you require.

Plugin Files Overview (12:46)
Template Files Overview (13:18)
WooCommerce Pages & Endpoints (05:42)
WooCommerce Shortcodes (06:38)
Hooks: Actions (12:17)
Hooks: Filters (09:56)
Using FTP (03:54)
Using a Code Editor (10:41)
Create a Child Theme (04:15 + 07:28)

Module 3: Watch Me Code (CSS)

Now that you know the theory, let’s customize WooCommerce styles (CSS). CSS is fun and you can learn a lot by looking at the various examples.

Intro to CSS (21:22)
Google Chrome “Inspect” (12:51)
Customize WooCommerce Colors (13:15) [FREE]
Customize Checkout Styles (20:32)
Responsive CSS (19:36)
Full Width CSS (10:28)
Customize Emails CSS (05:56)

Module 4: Watch Me Code (PHP)

Now that you’re familiar with CSS styling, let’s see how to add, remove, move or edit WooCommerce elements. Even if you don’t know PHP, learn by example.

Intro to PHP (10:31)
How to Find Hooks (05:42) [FREE]
Single Product Page: ADD Content (12:38) [FREE]
Single Product Page: REMOVE Content (11:01)
Shop Page: ADD Content (09:02) [FREE]
Shop Page: REMOVE Content (08:09)
Cart Page: ADD Content (05:39)
Cart Page: REMOVE Content (05:47)
Checkout Page: ADD Content (07:37)
Checkout Page: REMOVE Content (06:00)
My Account Pages: ADD Content (10:08)

Module 5: Advanced Customization

Now things get tougher. From conditional logic to custom fields, from debugging to filter hooks, PHP allows you to do complex (yet super useful) stuff.

Issues With remove_action (11:54)
Conditional Logic (16:52)
Custom Fields (11:19)
Using Globals & Arguments (18:26)
How to Edit EVERYTHING (17:36)
Edit Checkout Fields (17:41)
Edit Single Product Tabs (20:06)
Debugging While Coding (17:19)
What To Do If You Get Stuck (03:24)

Module 6: Exercises, Exam & Certificate

If you want to learn, you’ve got to code. This module gives you simple and complex exercises (together with solutions) so you can try a few things. Also, you can take the simple exam and get your certification.

Add Shop Loop Item Badge (07:21)
Hide Add to Cart (10:30)
Add Content to Order Emails (13:46)
Show Stock @ Shop Loop Item (08:03)
Price Prefix & Suffix (09:53)
Edit Return to Shop URL (06:51)
Add Last Name @ My Account Registration (13:24)
Define Add to Cart Min Quantity (15:14)
Exam + Certificate

Where Will CustomizeWoo Take Me?

Here are some examples of where you will find yourself after taking the CustomizeWoo course. If you wish to become an advanced WooCommerce developer you need to build your foundation, learn CSS and PHP and keep yourself up to date – CustomizeWoo helps you with that!

Is there a plugin for that?Is there a snippet for that?
This is not possible in WooCommerceThis should be possible in WooCommerce
I code via the WP EditorI code via FTP + Code Editor
I place PHP snippets in the “Code Snippets” pluginI place PHP snippets in my child theme’s functions.php file
I’ve never downloaded the WooCommerce plugin on my computerI use the WooCommerce plugin files to do advanced searches
Let’s customize the live siteLet’s create a staging copy / clone to test my customization first
I’m not sure about this WooCommerce customization thingLet’s ask Rodolfo via the lesson support / comment area!

A lifetime investment.

Get access to current and future video lessons forever. Save on premium plugins and troubleshooting time, as you’ll be able to achieve simple customization with simple coding. Learn PHP and CSS, great skills to improve your CV. And finally, get unlimited, lifetime access to the teacher. Now you see why I call this an “investment“.


Lifetime access to 5 CustomizeWoo videos

Lifetime video lesson support

Exam & certificate

…and join 42592 students


Lifetime access to ALL 3 ONLINE COURSES (CustomizeWoo PRO, TroubleshootWoo PRO, ConfigureWoo PRO)

Lifetime video lesson support

Exam & certificate

…and join 133 students


Questions, doubts, ideas about CustomizeWoo? Read this section or contact us below.

Will this work for someone who IS NOT a developer?

Absolutely. And if you find it impossible to understand, don’t forget you have lifetime access to the course. You can watch Module 1, spend some extra time learning HTML, CSS and PHP basics, and then move to the next modules in your own time.

Will this course continue to be updated? And will I get free access to future versions?

Yes! Once you are enrolled, all future versions are free at no cost. You get lifetime access to all current and future videos, including support.

I can’t afford this right now?

Feel free to enroll with the FREE version. However, could one extra WooCommerce client cover the entire cost of the course? Or, as a store owner, could this extra WooCommerce knowledge make you save $$$ in outsourcing costs and plugins? You and I know the answer to that 🙂

How much time will this take?

Great question! The course itself is being designed to go through in your own time. As far as implementation, that depends on your experience level, skills and how quickly you learn.

Wait, can’t I just search the internet for all this WooCommerce information for free?

Of course you can do that! This course is simply a faster and more organized way to learn Advanced WooCommerce. I’ve put together these videos and documentation to save you weeks of digging for what you need.

How does CustomizeWoo actually work?

Videos are released immediately upon purchase. No need to wait weeks before gaining access to the next modules! Videos are easy to follow, and each lesson comes with additional resources such as documentation, downloads, links to blogs and snippets. All the training is online and students can get unlimited support and lifetime access to these resources and any other resource that will be added in the future.

Do you offer discounts?

Scholarships, group discounts and giveaways are not currently provided. The course is promoted twice a year, usually at the end of November and May, when email subscribers enjoy special offers (discount or additional perks). If you want to join the newsletter, please click here

Do you offer payment plans?

No I don’t, I’m sorry.

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About the Teacher

A former civil engineer, I reinvented my career and started designing ANY kind of website for ANY kind of client for VERY little money 🙂

But it’s when I started specializing in WooCommerce that my luck turned around. Now I’m a WordCamp speaker, a WooCommerce customization expert and an Internet marketer who is able to charge top dollar for WooCommerce freelance work.

I hope I can help you achieve the same!

~ Rodolfo Melogli, Business Bloomer Founder