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Understanding Order Statuses



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4 thoughts on “Understanding Order Statuses

  1. Hi,

    In the WooCommerce documentation, it says that the order can be cancelled by the admin or the customer. O a, wondering where the setting is for that. I read in some places that you can go to WooCommerce -> settings -> cancellation order tab, but i do not see that in the version I am using.

    Can someone help?



    1. Sorry about the delay, Ken! You can mark an order as “cancelled” exclusively from the single order edit page. There is a drop-down to change the status.

      Also, you can bulk cancel orders from the “Orders” admin page – simply select many orders and then from the bulk edit drop-down you should be able to change the order status as well.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks for the reply, sorry that I missed your reply, it seems that I do not get notifications when you reply, is that expected?

        The suggestions you made are for the admin to cancel the order right? Is there any possibility for the customer to cancel/edit the order once the order is completed?

        Thanks again!

        1. Is there any possibility for the customer to cancel/edit the order once the order is completed?

          Not out of the box. This is a workaround:

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