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10 reviews for BloomerArmada PARTNER

  1. Ian Scott (verified owner)

    I have very much enjoyed my time with Business Bloomer. Rodolfo has been a big help, and at times so have some of the rest of the team. It’s been a fantastic investment for me.

    It also gave me an opportunity to hire Rodolfo for a custom job a client wanted and I did not have the time to figure it out completely. His work was impeccable and also delivered with care. I am very happy to have made his acquaintance and truly, a “partner!”

  2. Reinhard Jung (verified owner)

    Rodolfo & WooCommerce? -> I love it!

  3. Collins Agbonghama (verified owner)

    Rodolfo is a WooCommerce geek. His snippets have been of immense help to me. Did I mention as a partner, you can get a guest post on your Woo product published for free?

  4. Tommy Nguyen (verified owner)

    Rodolfo is a responsive technocrat and a hands-on guy. I’m glad to be part of his partner circle. Finally, here is a guide to walk you through how online business should work this year.

  5. Dave Loodts (verified owner)

    Big fan of the work of Rodolfo. Happy to support his website. And we always get valuable feedback on WooCommerce questions.

  6. BobWP

    I joined Business Bloomer for 2 reasons.

    1. I do not do code. And well-crafted snippets can be a life saver for me.

    2. I really wanted to support Rodolfo in return for what he has given to the WooCommerce builder community.

    The value he provides well exceeds the cost to support Business Bloomer.

  7. Jake

    Rodolfo provided valuable feedback and was always responsive in our communication! Would recommend becoming a partner ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Stefan

    Rodolfo is great to work with. Highly recommended!

  9. Tommy Hansen (verified owner)

    We are very satisfied with being an official Business Bloomer Partner. Rodolfo wrote some reviews about our WooCommerce plugins with the goal of spreading the word within the community – he is very helpful and supportive. Thank you!

  10. timsweeney (verified owner)

    Business Bloomer is very valuable. On many occasions Rodolfo has provided customization and tips which have accelerated our website development and more importantly increased sales. An Armada supporter membership is a great value.

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