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13 reviews for BloomerArmada SUPPORTER

  1. Daniel G Mariscal (verified owner)

    The few months that I have been part of this community have been exciting and very helpful.
    Since the questions that led me to join with the help of Rodolfo and the community helped me to get back on track and to be able to solve the problems I had and even being able to help as they have helped me.

    I highly recommend joining and being a part of it.

    Thanks you

  2. Tye Brown (verified owner)

    Rodolfo always has an answer – he’s great and has got me out of many jars of pickles.

  3. Fabiano Rodrigues (verified owner)

    An excellent service. Rodolfo is the person that I always turn to before making a decision or when I need help. Very professional.

  4. Christine (verified owner)

    Joining Business Bloomer and being able to get an answer to my specific problem is one of the most cost-efficient decisions I’ve made as a WP developer. I needed to show my Client’s unique message after purchase whether the customer purchased by Stripe or PayPal. Rodolfo knew just what I wanted and how to fix it by using ‘priorities.’

  5. Sergio Beltramo (verified owner)

    I discovered BusinessBloomer a few months ago, Rodolfo is a WooCommerce expert and with him you have an answer in a short time including the solutions. Great service

  6. Glyn Lewis (verified owner)

    Fantastic Service worth every penny.

  7. Thomas Koromilas (verified owner)

    Every time I asked for help, the support was and is extremely effective. Congratulations on the multiple knowledge offered in each of my requests !

  8. Dave Tillotson (verified owner)

    Rodolfo provides clear tutorials and fantastic, responsive support.

    As a WooCommerce resource I doubt there’s anyone else out there providing such high quality solutions to what can often be very time-consuming problems.

    Many thanks.

  9. Rick G (verified owner)

    I’ve found Rodolfo’s Business Bloomer site to be one of the most comprehensive resources for everything WooCommerce, whether you are a seasoned developer or a hobbyist looking to fine-tune the add-on. His examples are clear, concise and relevant and are documented in a manner that teaches you how to think about common requests. BloomerArmada is icing on the cake and worth every $. We should all support Rodolfo’s efforts as the quality of information he provides via the subscription service or through the site is nothing but A+!

  10. Raj (verified owner)

    Great to have an expert on hand to give guidance when needed. It’s like having a safety net. Rodolfo has helped on a number of occasions to point me in the right direction for woocommerce issues.

  11. gianluca pasini (verified owner)

    Bloomer Armada’s WooCommerce Mentorship is a great service. I get fast and professional answers to my WooCommerce questions – such a big help with my development projects!

  12. Simon Köhler (verified owner)

    Rodolfo delivers great examples and answers to every idea or problem you can think of. It’s the best WooCommerce site I know.

  13. olof (verified owner)

    This is so good and works so well.
    Picking Rodolpho’s brain, get a straight and clear answer and get directions on how to get on with your work.
    So much better than posting your questions on facebook and get no answer, waiting for pre-sale support to answer with a return-question or to find dozens of pages with ‘top ten best plugins’ blogposts with affiliate links if you try to google your problem.
    We have all been there. We all should be here.

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