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Learn How to Customize WooCommerce Without Unnecessary Plugins

A technical video course that will show you how to override WooCommerce pages and elements without using plugins. Watch me code and learn by example.

You will get Full, Unlimited, Lifetime Access to 40+ Videos, including future updates and lesson support.

Literally, as soon as you complete the checkout, you could be starting to watch your first video!

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25 reviews for CustomizeWoo FREE

  1. Gary (verified owner)

    I have finished all three courses here on business bloomer. As a senior web developer i can gladly give this my highest rating for any Woocommerce course currently on the market. I have taken the majority of all WordPress and Woocommerce courses out there and this is some of the highest quality content available. From understanding the complexities of Wocoommerce configuration, to customizing and troubleshooting more complex projects, these courses give a broad range of knowledge that follows the best general coding standards, as well as compiles in one place information that is highly relevant for anyone at any level.

  2. IAN (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with Rudolfo’s style of teaching in the free course, that I went ahead and purchased lifetime access to all of his courses. For me, while I have some experience with css and php, his very clear and concise method of teaching (no time wasting fluff) motivated me to expand my knowledge and go deeper into WordPress/WooCommerce hooks and filters.

    I am also amazed at how fast Rudolfo responds to questions and comments.

  3. Joshua Otwell (verified owner)

    Very easy to understand and implement. I’m amazed at all of the customizations you can make with small PHP snippets and even more amazed at how Rodolfo presents the details and examples.

  4. Ahasan (verified owner)

    Easy to understand

  5. Salaheddin (verified owner)

    Thank you. Your simple, straight forward, useful approach of teaching is really amazing, I have learnt a lot from your resources

  6. Ralph (verified owner)

    I really appreceiate all the technical support with the documentation. It has saved me hours!!!

  7. Salvatore (verified owner)

    Eccellente, molto utile

  8. Patrik (verified owner)

    The opportunity for a free course is too limited for me to make a meaningful decision about its quality. So, it is not possible to decide whether it is worthwhile for us to buy full of course (which is not cheap anyway).

  9. Oab (verified owner)

    I love it! I’ve been working with woommerce for a while now and I love the feeling of having control and being able to customize my commerce to the fitting! I will definitely get the pro once I am able to.

  10. Eric (verified owner)

    A lot of useful information. For free !
    Thanks a lot.

  11. Sam Crowe (verified owner)

    this course gave me the confidence I needed to take on more WooCommerce projects. Beyond that, the instructor is a tremendously helpful resource as well. Rodolfo is quick to answer questions and I have never had any regrets with the training or other offerings he provides. I enthusiastically recommend this course!

  12. Nosunelanube (verified owner)

    I’ve learned a lot of things about Woo with Business Bloomer, especially hooks and how to use them. My problem is as so many people don’t understand English language. But with subtitles and translate is helpful. Thanks

  13. Lior Angel (verified owner)

    The best course for upgrading my knowledge on WP with some PHP code. I learned and still learn a lot of new things that I want to know for a too long time and don’t know from where to start and your course help me a lot so thank you very much!

  14. Bernard Lemieux (verified owner)

    Very informative for a WooCommerce starter like me.
    Many thanks.

  15. Eric SCHNEEBERGER (verified owner)

    Until now I learned that I would need more basic courses to implement those code but it’s fine. Rodolfo gave me the coordinate of his friend 🙂

  16. Judith (verified owner)


  17. Rakibul Mojeb (verified owner)

    I have learning still now, It is great. It gives knowledge insight of developing a online store. Really helpful …

  18. juanup (verified owner)

    La verdad, consejos muy buenos con fantásticos tips. Muy agradecido de recibir por todo lo que me aportan estos contenidos gratuitos, un currazo Enhorabuena y mil gracias

  19. Sietze ten Cate (verified owner)

    I learned about
    – working with inspect,
    – finding and adding code-snippets,
    – adding tailored css to style.css with ftp
    The English-spoken explanation iin the training-videos is very clear, easy to understand and supported by very well synchronized text-banners.

  20. Colin Waite (verified owner)

    Couldn’t do any of the courses as I never received a “username” and “password” via email. Checked spam bin and wasn’t in there either. The courses never appeared in my account. 🙁

    • Rodolfo Melogli (verified owner)

      Thanks for your feedback! Please contact me ([email protected]) and I’ll immediately sort you out, sometimes new account emails don’t get to destination. Waiting for your email!

  21. arif (verified owner)

    I have learned a lot of things

  22. Jean L’Ortye (verified owner)

    It’s a great opportunity to learn a little bit more about coding Woocommerce. is full of useful snippets anyway.

  23. Peter (verified owner)

    I find your postings very informative, and appreciate the free, concise advice. Thank you.

  24. Dawn (verified owner)


  25. Christian Fröhlich (verified owner)

    I have learned a lot of useful stuff

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