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In this blog post, I’ll review some of the more important features of WooCart. WooCart is a new hosting provider that fully specializes for WooCommerce. Compared to WP Engine, Flywheel, or SiteGround, WooCart doesn’t offer WordPress hosting at all. It’s a focused package for WooCommerce store owners.

Core difference between managed WooCommerce hosting and other hosting is convenience. In managed hosting everything is bundled up together. You don’t have to worry about any technical issues.

In non-managed hosting you have to manage cPanel, install WordPress, install WooCommerce then check the resource usage and if there is any issue you have to contact customer support, which is most of the time occupied with lots of things, have a scattered focus, and no specialized knowledge. 

Whereas in WooCommerce managed hosting, the team’s focus is only on WooCommerce. That gives you an idea of why they can offer better service. WooCart allows you to spend your valuable time on marketing your store and not fixing technical issues. 

What makes WooCart different from other hosts

Extremely Fast Hosting

WooCart hosts your stores on Google Cloud, and uses CDN for your images completely out-of-box. Not only that, it also automatically smushes images, and serves the best possible format to your visitor. This increases the quality of images while decreasing the load time. 

One of the cool features of WooCart is Plugin Metrics. Plugin Metrics shows you if there are any slow-loading plugins that are slowing down your store. No more disabling of plugins and testing which one is slowing down your store. Just open the page and see which plugin needs to be disabled or changed!

No-hack Guarantee

WooCart offers a no-hack guarantee, which shows the level of confidence they have in their product. They guarantee if anything happens to your store, they will restore it to the previous version and clean up the mess immediately.

Store Wizard

Store Wizard helps you create a store a lot quicker than you’re used to. Taxes and local standards (timezone, currency, etc.) are predefined for 57 countries. The Wizard can also create a turnkey store with design and demo products. This makes creating a new store amazingly fast.

Developer Features

For developers, and easier troubleshooting, there’s WP-CLI, error and traffic logs, and server metrics. 

Free SSL

They also offer free SSL with all stores, that comes automatically configured.

Free Migration

For their users they offer a complete transfer from previous hosting provider to WooCart. Which includes DNS hosting, and emails.

Daily Backups

Daily backs with all packages so you don’t have to worry about losing your data.

WooCart Pricing Details

PlanPriceDisk SpaceMonthly Visits
Shop$4920GB50,000 visits
Market$9950GB100,000 visits
Mall$179100GB150,000 visits
Supermall$279150GB300,000 visits

Every plan has same features like Store Wizard, Google Cloud Engine, Daily Backups and Free SSL. The Cart plan allows you to test and develop your store until you move it to your own domain. 

If you compare WooCart with other WooCommerce managed hosting, it’s a great bargain. Here how it compares with other true WooCommerce managed hosting.

Disk Space20GB15 Products limit50GB5 GB

Comparing the services offered by other WooCommerce managed hosting providers, WooCart is the clear winner.

Should you choose WooCart?

WooCart is a new entrant into the hosting space but they have built something very special for WooCommerce owners. Not only does it make creating stores a lot faster, it also makes them a lot simpler to manage.

If you want to check the WooCart experience and see the difference, there is a 7 day free trial. You can sign up and test your new store before committing to moving.

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