WordPress: The Biggest Web Agency Summit

Atarim is set to launch its biggest annual event in the WordPress space for web agencies and freelancers. Its third annual Web Agency Summit kicks off from April 26th to April 29th, 2022, aimed at helping businesses grow substantially in 2022.

Freelancing is consistently growing worldwide – as individuals realize the flexibility and benefits that lay beyond a successful freelance career. Currently, at 58 million and counting – Upwork Press Release suggests freelancing to become the majority workforce in the U.S. by 2027. This number signifies the growing awareness and adoption of freelancing as a preferable career choice amongst individuals.  

However, running a freelance business and web agency isn’t as easy and requires heavy legwork despite its benefits and profitable returns. 

So, whether you’re a thriving freelancer or struggling to keep up with your agency – the Atarim Web Agency Summit is the perfect opportunity to invest your time in and learn about the uncertainties of running your own business, how best to deal with them, manage stress, and grow your agency to the next level. And this year, Business Bloomer is proud to be one of their media partners to support the Atarim summit in the WordPress space. 

So, if you’re curious about scaling your freelance business or digital web agency, or even about how to start one – here’s all you need to know about the biggest Web Agency Summit and what to expect from it this year.

What’s the Atarim Web Agency Summit all about?

Atarim is a responsive and intuitive client-facing web agency management platform – meant for efficient client collaboration and team management to speed up your work and ensure higher productivity. 

Its Web Agency Summit is an online event that covers different ways in which you can scale your web agency or freelance business by attracting high-paying clients, delivering incredible services, and building a recurring stream of revenue. 

The summit will include:

  • Live interactive sessions with 40+ experts within the industry.
  • Virtual sponsors booth (free prizes awaiting at the Exhibit Hall) to meet the makers of the products and services you use every day. 
  • Networking lounge to grab a drink and engage with other agency owners and freelancers. 

If this sounds exciting – let’s see what’s exactly in it for you and your freelance business in this Web Agency Atarim summit. 

What will you get after attending the Atarim Web Agency Summit?

Growing your agency or freelance business isn’t easy. While there’s a lot of free content available on this, none give you actionable advice with dignity to actually help you navigate the wrongs and build a profitable business.

Forget all this hassle, and get all the value you need to grow your web agency and freelance business effortlessly within 4 days through this summit. 

Here’s a look at all the value you can expect after attending this web agency virtual summit: 

  • Insight into scaling your business without drowning in numerous projects. 
  • Free access to all the summit’s video sessions on their summit website.
  • An exclusive look into the behind-the-scenes of world-class agency owners, successful freelancers, and WordPress business owners. 
  • Learn how to build a successful brand that attracts high-ticket and high-paying clients. 
  • When and why to stop working with less-than-stellar customers. 
  • How to keep up with the deadlines, deliver projects on time, and keep clients happy? 
  • Grasp what WordPress Security is and the risks your clients face. 
  • How to get your clients to deliver the content you ask them for quickly. 
  • Ways to generate recurring income with proven systems and strategies
  • Most importantly, how to take care of your well-being and learn more about your mental health in these difficult and trying times. 

These points are surely convincing enough for you to join and register yourself for this exciting summit. 

So, before we get into the speakers and fees of the summit, let’s look at the summit’s format and focal categories. 

What’s the format of the Atarim Web Agency Summit?

Here’s the format of the Atarim Web Agency virtual summit, 2022: 

  • Each day of the summit will comprise 8 video presentations and sessions based on the schedule. Atarim will broadcast all the videos live and make them available for the reply within the events platform. 
  • If you wish to join the conversation – you simply need to sign up for free to engage with other summit attendees in live discussions directly on the platform. 
  • Atarim will keep you up-to-date and well-informed – alerting them about the latest sessions once a day via messengers like email. 
  • You can watch each video presentation for free for up to 24 hours. 

The Atarim Web Agency Summit Focal Categories

Each expert session in this summit is action-driven and power-packed – designed to help you build, grow, and thrive your business, whether you own a well-established web agency or just starting your freelance career. 

Considering this primary goal, Atarim defines the summit into four focal categories – Build, Expand, Scale, and Thrive. 

Let’s dive deep into these focus categories to see what’s in it for you. 

  • Build 

The Build category is meant to help you step up your website delivery skills. You’ll learn about the factors that you need to focus on when building your client’s website, the different upcoming revenue opportunities in the web agency and freelance industry, and ways to leverage them for the success of your business. 

  • Expand 

The Expand category highlights ways to create sustainability and increase your business’s profits. This category comprises different learnings and strategies business leaders implemented over the years through completing services, making mistakes, and improving positioning and proven systems. 

It’s a power-packed category meant to highlight strategies that work – making you avoid the mistakes top experts once made and speeding up your web agency and freelance business’s growth. 

  • Scale 

Scaling your business might get overwhelming and confusing without a proper plan and system. 

The Scale category will allow you to learn how to keep track of your profitability, find areas to productize, hire the right people, keep clients in check, and automate and create repeatable processes within your growing freelance business. These skills are essential to effectively manage and scale your freelance career’s web agency. 

  • Thrive

Once you’ve your agency, team, and brand in place – you need a system that maintains your business consistency and sustainability. So, whether you’re on your journey to scaling and creating a successful agency or paving your path to an exit – the Thrive category will assist you in perfecting your operations and systems to minimize the future unknowns. 

You’ll learn how to raise your prices successfully, understand cash flow, powerful branding, and excellent productivity hacks for every web agency owner to double up the revenue and thrive in your business. 

Thus, all four categories will help you glean expert knowledge through the sessions – saving years of trial and error and speeding up your business’s success. 

I’m sure you must be curious about the people behind providing this value at this point. So, let’s introduce the speakers of this year’s Atarim web agency summit. 

Who’ll be the hosts and speakers of the summit this year? 

While last year the summit had 30 expert speakers on the panel – this year, the speaker panel is leveling up as you can hear and engage with over 40+ expert speakers and WordPress professionals in the industry. 

Before we look at the speaker’s list, let’s look at the hosts of this year’s Atarim web agency summit. 

Hosts of this year’s summit: 

  • Vito Peleg, Co-Founder of Atarim
  • Stephanie Hudson, Co-Founder of FocusWP
  • Andrew Palmer, Co-Founder of Bertha.ai

Here’s a list of the top-selected experts and speakers of the summit. 

Speakers of this year’s summit: 

  • Maddy Osman, The Blogsmith
  • Bethany Chobanian Lang, Support Lead, 10up (Contracted to Google)
  • David Mainayar, Co-Founder at PeachPay 
  • Winstina Hughes, Co-organizer of WPNYC Meetup
  • Roberta Morris, Creative Director 
  • Michelle Frechette, Director of Community Engagement, StellarWP
  • Maciek Palmowski, WordPress Developer, Buddy
  • Lax Mariappan, Backend Engineer, WebDevStudios 
  • Raitis Sevelis, Product Manager, Visual Composer
  • Noah Britton, Founder, Thrive Design 
  • Melissa Love, Founder, The Design Space 
  • Spencer Forman, Founder WPLaunchify, LaunchFlows, Kapsule Consulting
  • Deepti Boddapati, Writer, WordPress Developer 
  • Nat Miletic, Founder, Cilo Websites 
  • Josh Ward, Director of Sales and Marketing, Nexcess
  • Hans Skillrud, Vice President, Termageddon
  • Shannyn Lee, Managing Director, Win Without Pitching
  • Robert Cairns, Owner, The SDM Show Podcast 
  • Angela Bowman, Owner, Ask WP Girl & WordPress Developer
  • Kim Doyal, Founder #FtheHUSTLE & Co-Founder Content Creators Planner
  • Rosie Robinson, Founder, WUF Design 
  • Anne-Mieke Bovelett, Accessibility & Possibility Advocate 
  • Lance Robbins, Team Growth, XWP
  • Tom O’Neill, Previously the CEO of The Nerdery
  • Adrian Tobey, Founder, Groundhog Inc
  • Imran Siddiq, Director, Web Squadron
  • Sam Munoz & Karyn Paige, Founders, Making Website Magic
  • Tatiana Chamorro, Co-Founder & VP, Hite Creative 
  • Nev Harris, Agency Consultant, nevharris.com 
  • Greg Karelitz & Miriam Schwab, Director of Partnerships, HubSpot & Co-Founder, Strattic 
  • Lee Drozak, Agency Consultant 
  • Trent Dyrsmid, Founder, Flowster.app

Atarim will announce other speakers soon. 

All the experts mentioned above are at the top of their game. They run web agencies with thousands of clients, are masters of WordPress development, and are owners of multi-million dollar businesses. 

So, you’re in for a lot of value, lessons, and learnings at this summit. Each expert speaker will join the summit’s sessions to give back to the WordPress community and help you avoid making the mistakes they made building and scaling their agencies and businesses. 

So, whether you wish to learn how to handle multiple clients, get multiple high-paying clients and increase profitability, or level up your WordPress and website development and web design projects – our honorable experts are here to assist you in sharpening your skills and scaling your business. 

Important dates and price 

The best part about the summit is that you get all the value and resources from incredible speakers and experts for your web agency and freelance business free of cost. 

Yes, that’s right. You simply need to register yourself for free, secure your summit spot, and view the live schedule.  

Save these dates from your calendar to be present for the summit: 

  • Kick-off live webinar: April 25th, 7 pm GMT (12 pm PST)
  • Summit start date: April 26th, 2022, Tuesday
  • Summit end date: April 29th, 2022, Friday

Key takeaways

It’s your choice to choose the long and difficult way or the best, practical, and proven approach to scale your web agency and freelancing game. 

You could spend thousands of dollars on several courses and countless valuable hours on implementing old and outdated techniques to grow your agency – which isn’t effective anymore and doesn’t deliver faster results. 

Or, you could choose the best and smarter way and sign up for Atarim’s biggest Web Agency Summit. Through this summit, you can learn from the top experts in the field and discover new approaches to grow your freelance business, attract high-paying clients, manage a team, and earn recurring income – while keeping your calm, and without feeling overwhelmed. 

So, if you wish to learn from the top WordPress professionals and business owners, learn from their experiences, connect and engage with fellow freelancers, and take charge of your business’s growth – hurry and sign up to the Atarim web agency summit before no spots are left. 

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