WooCommerce No-Code Automations Make* Simple

* Not a spelling mistake. Here’s how you can build entire workflows and connect WooCommerce to other apps via Make, free for 1,000 ops/month.

Hosted by Karolina Vyskocilova

Masterclass overview

Embark on a journey into no-code automation with a masterclass for everyone. I will show you the power of integration platforms as a service, focusing on Make (formerly Integromat). Still, the same logic can be applied across various platforms like Zapier, IFTTT, Pabbly Connect, and more.

Unlock the ability to reclaim your time, cut costs, and seamlessly connect services without the headaches of plugins or complex customizations (or hunting down dev folks).

No coding expertise is required; if you can envision the logic of a task, you can bring it to life using Make’s intuitive visual editor. While our primary focus will be on unleashing the power of automation in WooCommerce, the insights gained will extend far beyond it.

Even a free Make account, with its 1000 operations, can run complex scenarios multiple times daily or execute simple actions on demand.

What you’ll learn

Grasp the concept of no-code automation and get some ideas
Get a kick start with Make’s scenarios – earn to create, run, schedule, and debug them seamlessly
How to connect Make, your website, and other services
How to perform actions when an order is created or updated – send notifications, push to accounting software, add to mailing app, etc.
How to manipulate products (update inventory, price, etc.) and with data from an external source (table, feed, another store, etc.)


A WooCommerce site (otherwise you can spin one up quickly at tastewp.com)
A Make account – free will be enough for testing
Access to third-party services if you want to integrate with them: Google account for using Google Sheets, etc.

Video Recording & Additional Materials


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Docs / Links

Karolina’s workshop docs

Q&A Recording

Upcoming masterclasses

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