Allow Multiple Payments In The Same WooCommerce Order

All deposit / split / partial payment plugins generate an additional order for paying the balance. Today, we change that.

Hosted by Rodolfo Melogli

Date: Thursday, May 9, 2024

Time: 10AM NY | 3PM UK | 7:30PM India | 12AM Sydney(+1d)

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Masterclass overview

It may happen you need to enable deposit payments, partial payments, multiple payment methods per order (e.g. half PayPal, half Bank), installments, split an order between more customers, or whatever requires the customer to pay a percentage of the order total and then come back to pay the difference, possibly with a different payment method.

Most, maybe all, plugins out there, complete the current order upon partial payment and create another order for the balance (a “sub-order” i.e. an order linked to the one that was partially paid), so that the customer can complete that one at a given date.

This is because WooCommerce requires a 1:1 relationship between orders and payments, and does not allow you to use multiple “transactions” for the same order.

Speaking of which, welcome to the world of “transactions“. By using this custom post type, we can save each payment on its own (partial, deposit, partial refund, installment), and then associate multiple transactions to a single order, so that the order status and total are dynamically set based on the outstanding balance.

A customer can then pay for the same orders multiple times, and each time the order amount will be defined by the total sum of its associated transactions.

In this class, we will take a look at some PHP code and demo it live, so that you can get the full picture of this – really! – revolutionary WooCommerce customization.

This is an amazing opportunity to see how a simple yet effective functionality can be coded, so that you can learn a new thing or two for your WooCommerce website or your WooCommerce clients. It’s also a great opportunity to hang out with like-minded professionals during the live class.

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What you’ll learn

Why most deposit / partial payment plugins do it wrong
How to code a checkbok to pay a % of the cart total on the Woo checkout
How to create a new custom post type and programmatically create a post upon order payment
How to set order status and total based on the related transactions


Basic knowledge of PHP and WordPress hooks

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