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5 Reasons to Join The Business Bloomer Club

Whether you’re only starting with WooCommerce or you’re an experienced WordPress developer, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy day-to-day WooCommerce support, attend a Woo masterclass, view the member directory… joining is really a no-brainer.

1. WooCommerce Help

Hang out with WooCommerce freelancers, plugin developers, WordPress themers, store managers, agencies, SaaS and successful business owners. All you need is accepting the Slack invite you receive via email, and a WooCommerce question. There is no question with no answer – guaranteed.

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2. Woo Masterclasses

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced developer, we run frequent events so that you can learn from amazing WooCommerce experts. Register for a live masterclass and get the chance to chat with the teacher and the other attendees, or watch the whole archive of recordings.

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3. Public Directory

You can stay anonymous if you like, or otherwise your name, job description and website dofollow backlink will be featured in the member directory. When you join publicly, I’ll also share a welcome tweet with my followers.

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4. Speaking Opportunities

Every month we organize live WooCommerce masterclasses targeted at beginner or advanced WooCommerce developers. Love teaching? All you need is a Woo topic, a date, and I will look after registration.

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5. Brand Awareness

You can sponsor the Business Bloomer Club and – on top of the usual benefits such as logos, links, thank yous and such – get the chance to run a sponsored class / product demo or AMA during the year.

A simple lifetime investment.

Joining the Business Bloomer Club for WooCommerce support, networking, learning and upskilling is easy: pay once, enjoy forever.

Try Before You Buy?

Ask any WooCommerce questions in our private Slack channel and watch as many masterclass recordings as you wish. Test the Club risk-free for 24 hours, and just $9.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Business Bloomer Club?

We’re a group of like-minded WooCommerce professionals, ranging from absolute beginners to very successful WooCommerce services/products providers. We get to hang out on Slack for day-to-day help and support, and also get to attend live masterclasses for upskilling.

How much does it cost?

We have only two plans, one for the Slack channel only and the other for Slack and online masterclasses access. They are lifetime deals – which means you pay it once and get access to your benefits forever. There may be seasonal discounts, but you’ll never need to pay more than $199 or $399, respectively.

I need WooCommerce help?

I usually don’t answer questions via email, as I can’t provide premium WooCommerce support to everyone. However, if you join the Business Bloomer Club, you can ask unlimited WooCommerce questions via the private Slack. Forever.

Is this an automatic subscription?

Nope! With a single payment, you get lifetime access to the private Slack channel, the members directory and if you purchase the masterclasses pack, also to all future and past WooCommerce online masterclasses.

I’m a total beginner. Is this a developer-only group?

Not at all, everyone is welcome. The only way to grow and learn is by spending time on Slack and hang out with WooCommerce experts, as well as attending some online masterclasses.

I’m a WooCommerce expert. What’s in it for me?

You know your stuff, but probably have little time for marketing, networking, getting to know other experts, and see what’s going on in the WooCommerce environment on a daily basis. You’re very welcome to join the Business Bloomer Club and make the most of partnerships and collaborations.

I run a WooCommerce-related company. How do I get in front of the community?

As you can see on top of this page, we have some “community sponsors”. For a little monthly subscription you get to keep your logo and backlink on this page, on each past and future single masterclass page, you get regular thank you tweets, as well as the opportunity to run your own sponsored class or AMA. Please inquire here.

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