How to Contribute to WooCommerce Core

Learn how to contribute to the WooCommerce plugin code by submitting your first pull request (PR).

Hosted by Rodolfo Melogli

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Masterclass overview

My first WooCommerce PR attempt was a disaster… the WooCommerce plugin developers are still chasing me!

That’s because I didn’t read the docs, I forgot to add important information for testing my code changes, and I even added a nice WooCommerce bug because I forgot to declare a variable šŸ˜

Well, well, well – let’s change that, and go through the process once again, live, hoping you can learn what not to do.

Why a pull request, by the way? The thing is that maybe you happened to find a bug or a potential WooCommerce plugin improvement while working on a website. Maybe you really needed a “filter” in that template file, and that would have made a huge difference to your development flow.

Now you have two choices: (1) you could give out on Twitter or (2) you could actually fix it by yourself and help WooCommerce move forward.

The latter is called contributing to the WooCommerce Core via a GitHub pull request.

In this class, we’ll go through a live demonstration on how you can implement your own fixes to the WooCommerce plugin in a simplified way (such as adding a new hook) with a free GitHub account and some PHP coding skills.

This is ideal for beginner developers, and such a great way to understand how this “open-source thing” really works. Let’s learn how we can make WooCommerce better.


What you’ll learn

Where to find the WooCommerce contributing documentation
How to fork WooCommerce in your own GitHub repository
How to apply simple code changes (commits) to your WooCommerce fork
How to submit your pull request and get it released in the next WooCommerce update


Free GitHub account
Dev / test / local WooCommerce environment
Basic knowledge of PHP and WordPress hooks

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