Run an online masterclass for
WooCommerce professionals.

Share your expertise with beginners/advanced WooCommerce creators. Pitch a Woo talk you’re passionate about. Teach something practical. Get paid.

The Business Bloomer Club Masterclasses

If you haven’t joined the Business Bloomer Club yet, you definitely should! We’re a private group of WooCommerce creators, both beginners and advanced, and hang out on Slack for day-to-day Woo help and get to attend frequent masterclasses by Woo experts like you. Speaking of which…

1. Format & Date

Masterclasses are 30min + Q&A online webinars where you’re the teacher. I look after the setup, registration and webinar software (StreamYard) – you simply share your slides or screen. Usually they’re on a Thursday (time & date can be agreed).

2. Audience

The Business Bloomer Club is a premium membership for WooCommerce professionals (beginner to advanced). We’re eager to learn and hear from experts. We’ve paid at least $199, so we have no time to waste. We expect the speaker to run a “masterclass“.

3. Topic & Slides

Your talk must have “WooCommerce” in the title – so we all know that’s the target. It can be about code, marketing, a case study, a demo, #buildinpublic, an AMA. You can use slides, or you can screenshare. You’re the master, you decide.

4. $250 Honorarium

You can request a USD250 honorarium for running the masterclass.

5. Requirements

There is a long list of requirements that you can find below, this is so I can build the event registration page asap!

Pitch your Woo talk

Make sure to specify the title, the outline, a potential date & time (Thursday if possible), and if you require the $250 honorarium.

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Speaker Requirements / Check-list

  1. Pitch your masterclass topic, outline, format and date via the form above
  2. If we reach a full agreement, I will need (see example here):
    • Speaker bio
    • Speaker headshot
    • Speaker website URL
    • Speaker social URL
    • Talk title
    • Talk excerpt/teaser
    • Talk description
    • Talk featured image
    • Talk date and timezone
    • “What You’ll Learn:” bullet points (outline)
    • “Requirements:” bullet points
    • “Materials:” list if any
  3. On the event day:
    • Check your mic / camera / screen / slides
    • Connect via the StreamYard invite a few minutes early
    • Run a quick test with Rodolfo
    • Wait till Rodolfo introduces you
    • Run the event and Q&A
    • Remember that live events are recorded
    • Back up plan – if Rodolfo, you or the webinar go down, we all meet in Slack

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