How to Find and Fix Slow Database Queries in WooCommerce

Learn how to resolve slow database queries in WordPress / WooCommerce websites. Use the right tools to boost performance and user experience.

Hosted by Brett Stone

Masterclass overview

Join us for a deep dive into how to find and resolve slow database queries for large WordPress / WooCommerce websites.

In this masterclass, we will explore the common challenges faced by developers and store owners dealing with sluggish database queries, and unveil effective strategies to identify and resolve these issues.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or new to the realm of WooCommerce, this masterclass will equip you with invaluable insights to enhance your website’s performance and user experience.

Class Recording

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Q&A Recording

What you’ll learn

Discover the most effective tools and techniques to pinpoint slow database queries in large WooCommerce websites
Learn practical methods to optimise slow queries, such as indexing columns and leveraging the expertise of ChatGPT for query optimization
Gain valuable insights from real-world examples and case studies, empowering you to apply these strategies confidently in your own projects.


Basic to intermediate knowledge of PHP and WordPress hooks

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