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Refer Customers. Earn Cash.

Business Bloomer Affiliate Program

Love Business Bloomer products? Become an official Business Bloomer affiliate and earn 20% commission on each sale you refer via your unique link.

180days cookie. Recurring subscriptions included. Earn up to $199.40 with a single one-off referral.

Join and Earn in Three Simple Steps

2. Recommend Courses or Club

Share Business Bloomer courses or club pass with your unique link.

3. Earn and Get Paid

Earn 20% on each sale you refer.

Affiliate Program Highlights

Earn 20% on courses and club sales you refer, including returning customers
180days tracking cookie, so you can fully make the most of your sharing activities
Unlimited commissions, you can share and earn how much you like
1-click withdrawal once you reach $50

How Much Can You Earn?

Here are a few examples so you can get an idea about the Affiliate program potential.

CustomizeWoo PRO Online Course

Price: $397 – You earn: $79.40 per referral

WooWeekly Newsletter Sponsorship Slot

Price: $97-997 – You earn up to: $199.40 per referral

Business Bloomer Club

Price: $199-$599 – You earn up to: $119.20 per referral

How Can You Earn, Actually?

Here are a few case studies for you so you can get an idea about what content you could put out there, so that you can eventually earn your commission. No matter if you’re a blogger, vlogger or podcaster – there’s always a way to promote affiliate content.

You could write a listicle of WooCommerce online courses, where you compare some of the best products out there. There is Udemy, Lynda, and then Business Bloomer of course, together with your unique affiliate link. It’s easy to share this post via your social media channels and newsletter if any in order to maximize its visibility.

Your YouTube channel could see a brand new review video, this time about the Business Bloomer Club and its benefits. You could go over the list of current members perks, and then display the list of live and past masterclasses. Why not, you could even log in to the private Slack channel and show around (without displaying Slack users’ name and surname) by posting a simple WooCommerce question and see the reply come through. By using your referral link, you can direct prospects to the sales page, and earn a commission if they buy.

This is one of many examples you could use to generate content for your own podcast. For example, you could pick the monetization topic, and show how I monetized WooWeekly by selling sponsorship slots – of course, you could then say that we’re always looking for sponsors and refer potential partners via your affiliate link. The most expensive slot is $997, so you’d earn a very good share in such a case.

Affiliate Program FAQ

Why should I sign up for Business Bloomer Affiliate Program?

Because existing customers tend to appreciate Business Bloomer products, so it’s a no-brainer to further spread the world about them – while also earning a fair commission!

Do you pay commissions on all of your products?

All of them, excluding WooCommerce consulting services, which by the way are not even visible on the website, and mini WooCommerce Plugins. Products include: Business Bloomer Club, WooWeekly Sponsorship, WooCommerce Online Courses and all future Business Bloomer products within the same categories.

Is there any cost to become an affiliate?


When do I get paid?

Affiliate commissions are paid out quarterly to your PayPal account (minimum amount $50).

Can anyone join?

Nope, sorry. I will review each application based on your website and marketing proposal.

Can I participate from outside the USA?

Of course, we pay commissions all over the world. Actually, we’d love if you could earn a decent income from Business Bloomer commissions alone!

Can I reuse content from your site?

No, sorry. You should always create unique content (applies in general, not only to writing about Business Bloomer products!)