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Hi there!

I work daily as a WooCommerce Development Freelancer, and I also feature on the news as an SEO & Content Marketing Expert (probably this is how and why you found me). 

I’m a thirty-something civil engineer (right?) who spent his life between Italy, Ireland and the USA. The way I bumped into WooCommerce is a very long story… needless to say I now love my new career.

I love sharing my WooCommerce and Marketing knowledge with as many people as possible. I wrote a book, I teach WooCommerce online courses, I blog about WooCommerce and speak at WordCamps all over the world.

Unless you wish to get a quote via the form below, you can find me on Twitter or email me personally at [email protected]

Get a WooCommerce Development / Consulting Quote

I’m able to handle simple and complex WooCommerce development jobs.

In relation to turnaround, I’m pretty fast usually: 3-10 working days and sometimes it only takes 1 day. Of course this hugely depends on the task itself.

In regard to the investment required, I usually invoice clients for 1 prepaid hour or, more conveniently, for a prepaid 5hrs block at a cheaper hourly rate. Payment methods are PayPal and all major Credit Cards.

In addition to the above guarantees, I also provide:

  • 12 months warranty: if my customization stops working, I’ll fix it free of charge
  • Return policy: if I can’t get the functionality to work, you get a full time refund i.e. can reuse it on a future task
  • Offline backup: I’ll take a backup of my customization if for some reason you lose it
  • Peace of mind: it’s only me logging into, dealing with and working on your website – never a subcontractor

Here follows a list of my favorite testimonials. You can of course skip them and go straight to the WooCommerce development quote request form. Thank you in advance!

  1. Trisha Lee

    Fantastic and quick to sort out an issue we had with LearnDash and WooCommerce. Thank you for your help.
  2. Emily

    Rodolfo is AMAZING! He has helped me with two of my sites now and without his expertise I would never have been able to launch either of them successfully. He has fixed all the messes I have made with efficiency and a fantastic attitude and I am so grateful. I'l most definitely be asking for Rodolfo's help in the future... a lot! If he'll have me as a customer again of course
  3. Conrad

    I wanted to integrate the Paddle payment system with my WooCommerce site, but was having trouble finding a developer who could help me. One developer tried and gave up, others declined the project, claiming it was “too complex”. Then I happened to find Rodolfo’s site, and thankfully he agreed to help me. From start to finish, Rodolfo was outstanding: Communication was clear and friendly, and his work was quick and efficient. Even when challenges arose, such as issues with Paddle’s documentation that required us to contact their support team, Rodolfo found a way to keep the project on track. Best of all, the result was flawless, as the integration worked perfectly and was seamless to use. If anyone is looking for a WooCommerce developer, don’t waste time with others, go straight to Rodolfo!
  4. Mark

    Rodolfo is running our websites including one webshop with 10,000+ products in 4 languages (WPML) and 2 currencies. It is not just that he is brilliant technically - he is also simply a great personality dealing with me, who is sometimes a stressed business owner. Yet we successfully continue a good working relationship for more than 5 years now. Highly recommended.
  5. Mike

    Rodolfo was great to work with. He did a lot of Woocommerce adjustments to our webshop his work was always very quick and on point. Before i used some coders from codeable but working with them could be sometimes very disappointing cause there skills where lacking and they asked verh high prices. If i ever need Woocommerce work done I definitely hire Rodolfo again.
  6. Jay

    Rodolfo was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I've been learning from him for years, it was an utmost pleasure to work with him and I recommend him to all.
  7. Mugur Cornila

    Disappointed after a few tries on, I remembered that I once used some hacks from Rodolfo's site. This part is also one of his best parts: he knows how to teach and explain. And I wrote to him. My troubled month ended with his help. In one night. With a one-year warranty and his availability for any problems with his work. My collaboration with Rodolfo was the best part of the beginning of 2022. Recommended for what really matters in an entrepreneur's online adventure.
  8. Mark

    6 years client. Rodolfo built our webshops to 20k products via API. Highly recommended
  9. Dror

    Great work, highly recommended and would definitely use his skills and expertise again soon.
  10. Nik

    I have worked with a lot of WordPress experts across all the big platforms and I am happy to report Rodolfo is hands down, the best I have worked with. My request had some complications arise midday through the project that were out of Rodolfo's control (bugs in WooCommerce and WordPress) and he was still able to successfully find solutions on time and on budget. His pricing was fair and transparent, his communication was clear and polite. And his coding skills are A+++. I would highly recommend Rodolfo for any WordPress/WooCommerce related jobs. Thanks again!!
  11. Tim Sweeney

    Rodolfo is fantastic. We have used him for a number of projects over several years. He goes out of his way to get the job done. Communication is excellent and without hassle. He'll make recommendations concerning the project which helps with the outcomes. We highly recommend him.
  12. Wojtek

    I recommend Rodolfo 100% 🙂 That's because his clear rules of pricing, turnaround and, most importantly, working code (Rodolfo was the third developer who was working on my project and the first who finished it with success). In the future I'm not going to waste time and money looking for any other WooCommerce developer.
  13. mark koemans

    We're happy with everything Rodolfo does for us!
  14. Julian

    Rodolfo is a very talented and reliable WooCommerce programmer. I can very much recommend his skills.
  15. Mark Koemans

    5 year client. Rodolfo grew our shop to 6 digit turnover and over 10,000 products, 4 languages, 2 currencies. Highly recommended.
  16. Sarah

    Fast? Yes! Problem solver? Yes yes! Professional? Absolutely! So if you are looking for some high quality WooCommerce help, just contact Rodolfo. He is the only right solution!
  17. EAF

    Rodolfo is a pleasure to work with and we would not hesitate to use his services again and we highly recommend him. Very easy to work with and focused on getting to the route of any challenge quickly.
  18. Tonny Kluften

    Rodolfo is very good at what he is doing. He fixed some WooCommerce cutting-edge functionality challenges I had in a few hours. For years I also have had the pleasure to use the code snippets he has posted on, they are very useful.
  19. Jonny

    Rodolfo has been excellent. Very professional in his approach and code. Would highly recommend!
  20. Rick Streets

    Working with Rodolfo was a pleasure! Having someone of Rodolfo's caliber being able to answer questions with his real world experience was indispensable when we were making plugin decisions. Every task was completed without issue. When any problem was identified they were quickly remedied. Hiring Rodolfo is the best thing you can do for your website. His experience in WooCommerce and 3rd party plugins is one of a kind. I highly recommend Rodolfo and we are thrilled to be working with him as we develop our cutting edge site!
  21. Paul Langer

    I am very happy with the work Rodolfo has done for our company. Rodolfo is a great asset to our team. His knowledge of WooCommerce and his ability to quickly understand our needs allowed our projects to move quickly to completion and within budget.
  22. Gavin C

    I had a custom plugin made for a client's Woo Commerce project by another developer that was not working out. As time was becoming an issue I reached out to Rodolfo to see if he could help. After exchanging a few emails I knew he could turn things around by how professional and informative he was. Rodolfo solved many of the issues with the plugin within hours, that had taken the previous developer weeks to create. I can't recommend Rodolfo more! I know if I have any upcoming Woo Commerce projects I will be going straight to Rodolfo. Thank you for all your hard work ! Go raibh maith agat!
  23. Dmitri

    Great work. Fast and simple, but most importantly it works as it should. Highly recommended.
  24. George

    We frequently came across articles written by Rodolfo and would adapt scripts to our requirements on occasion. This time we needed something more extensive done, and reached out to contract the changes from Rodolfo. He was a great partner and I look forward to working with him again on future projects.
  25. Andreas

    Rodolfo is one of the best Wordpress developers I know. He only works with hooks, filters and actions and that makes everything update-safe. Rodolfo works quickly and precisely and the prices are very fair. I will continue to implement projects with him in the future if he has enough time 🙂 Thanks for your perfect work
  26. Elly

    Great communication and great work! My problem was solved quickly and for a great price. Would use again and definitely recommend.
  27. Greg Dorrance

    Rodolfo is great to work with and he’s very efficient, reasonable and knowledgeable. He accomplished in very little time what others take hours to do. I highly recommend him.
  28. Luther

    I would highly recommend Rodolfo / Business Bloomer to anyone needing WooCommerce customisation. He is highly skilled, experienced, knowledgeable, helpful and a pleasure to work with. I hope to work with him again in the near future.
  29. Jesper

    I am glad that I found Rodolfo, he saved me a lot of time in this project. He came up with an even better way to solve my task than expected from the start. Thumbs up for his fast and polite service.
  30. Anthony

    Great Service! Fixed the problem within an hour, quality at its best! Thanks Rodolfo
  31. Jody

    We had a unique problem for our WooCommerce site that the previous developer hard coded. Rodolfo looked at the staging site, provided a quote, finished the work with time to spare and took on a secondary task with efficiency and perfect implementation. His coding is clean and very well commented and I will definitely hire him again. Outstanding professionalism, responsiveness and results.
  32. Daryl Napier

    Rodolfo is great to work with and he’s very efficient. We stumbled across him a year or two ago over a coding customization problem that was simply over my head. He’d written a really detailed blog post of something similar but different enough from what we needed that we needed help, so I decided to go out on a limb and email for a recommendation of someone who could undertake this problem. After contacting, he replied quickly and offered to handle it himself despite being very busy (not surprising) and his prices are fair and reasonable. We’ve used his assistance for a handful of “fixes” and modifications for our WooCommerce store that we migrated to from Magento 1.9 back in January of 2020, and will continue to contact him in the future when problems arise. I would highly recommend his work, he’s transparent and detailed. Best wishes, and is a great resource as well for anything I can do on my end without the help of a pro.
  33. Carolina

    Rodolfo made possible an integration between WooCommerce and a complex CRM for my client and It will save a lot of time and resources for them. The attention was very kind, even I made a few previous questions to ensure the project would be exactly as we needed. The delivery was fast and neat, and he made the communication very easy. I would definitely work with him again!
  34. Arne Brockmann

    Working with Roldolfo is easy and frictionless. He is friendly, has great processes in place and can obviously deliver what he offers. This has been the best experience working with an external developer yet. Thank you Rodolfo.
  35. Dean Mandos

    I have been racking my brain for days if not weeks trying to find a solution to a clients WooCommerce workflow issue, email notification triggers and automations. I have used Rodolfo's code that he has posted publicly in the past and it worked great, so I decided to reach out to him for help on this project. He responded fast to my request, provided me with a fair estimate and the work was completed very fast. All that time I wasted trying to figure it out and being unsuccessful, sometimes it's best to get paid professional help from someone that has deep understanding of the system. Rodolfo was fantastic! I am definitely adding him to my contact list and will be using him again. The best part is of the few hours he is ahead in timezone, when I woke up I had an email in my inbox and the solution in place. Thanks again Rodolfo, you saved me in just 1 day.
  36. Tanya

    Amazing! Rodolfo is a WooWizard! I needed a product filter that would take my customers directly to a product with the variations selected after they filled out a few drop down options in a wpform. 🙂 HE NAILED IT! Reasonable pricing and FAST service. GREAT JOB! will hire him again!
  37. Yonatan Vissoker

    I have heard of Rodolfo through his wonderful WooCommerce course. Since I knew he was an expert in WooCommerce and PHP, I approached him with a task: I needed to show specific landing pages on my website only to users that came from specific websites, and I needed to show them different prices than the regular prices on my website. Rodolfo wrote the code that created the solution I needed. But the reason I think he is exceptional in his field, is the level of service he delivered after the initial work was done; It turned out we needed to customize the code again since it was not fully working as expected a few days after the initial work was done. I addressed Rodolfo with the points that were not fully working as I wanted, and he always replied fast and solved what needed to be solved and always with a kind approach and real commitment to finish the project as I asked. I have worked with different professionals before from different websites (Codeable and Freelancer to name a few) and Rodolfo was probably the only one that answered the 3 golden qualities that I look for in a professional freelancer: Professionalism, decent pricing and customer care. Rodolfo invested much more time than he intended in my project and that made me feel I can trust him in future projects. Bottom line: I highly recommend working with him.
  38. Matt

    I hired Rodolfo a couple of times: he's very fast, reliable and professional. He knows what he's talking about and doesn't limit himself to get the job done as asked, but also propose valuable alternatives that may work better. I am sure I'll work with him again in the future.
  39. Richard Winton

    A previous developer had opted for several bloated plugins to add functionality to our WooCommerce site, resulting in high CPU usage and a slow customer experience. I researched online and found that Rodolfo is the "go to person" for any WooCommerce issue resolution and training. Rodolfo was able to replace the worst offending plugins with custom snippets, which reduced server load and increased page speed. We will be hiring him again very soon!
  40. Michael Tillman

    I requested a WooCommerce customization from a developer I had used in the past and got a quote for 8 hours of work. Something just did not seem right so I searched around for a developer who knew WooCommerce inside out and I found Rodolfo. What a blessing. He had the work done for me in an hour! The best thing about Rodolfo, besides prompt communication, fast work, transparency and fair pricing? He speaks to me in a way I can understand! So many developers speak to non-developers as if they were developers and it is like hearing someone speak a foreign language. Rodolfo is not trying to impress me with all the technical terms he know - he is trying to help me in a way that I can understand. I highly recommend him!
  41. Tiago

    Rodolfo's hourly rate is not the cheapest... but his WordPress and WooCommerce experience makes him code very fast without much investigation. So he can get something done in two hours when for other developers it would take 16 hours maybe 🙂 Awesome to work with him and his code is super clean and readable.
  42. Wendy

    Rodolfo was great to work with. He was responsive to our questions and to the complicated things we needed in our project. He has extensive experience in WooCommerce and WordPress and spent a good deal of time thinking through what we needed to make sure the solution would work. He was fast and always responsive to our very detailed emails. His programming is working fabulously and I would highly recommend him for any custom work in WooCommerce.
  43. Hannah

    Rodolfo and his work is simply incredible! We found his website via Google and immediately had a good feeling about him and his work. We had high standards about what our website should look like, and thankfully, Rodolfo helped us bring to life the website that we wanted. We needed a lot of custom coding and had several bugs, which Rodolfo helped us with easily. Moreover, we were quite new to Woocommerce, and Rodolfo patiently answered all our questions, and helped us to get to know the system. Regarding the costs, he really thinks of the customer, and charges a very fair rate. Rodolfo is reliable, helpful, competent, and professional. We can recommend Rodolfo and his work 100%. You won't be disappointed.
  44. Giacomo Pieri

    Rodolfo per me è il migliore professionista con cui abbia mai avuto a che fare. Rapido, preciso ed economico se si considera la precisione e rapidità con cui esegue i lavori... Il top
  45. Mark

    We run a 7 figure seasonal ecommerce business and can't afford the site to crash, so we needed a WooCommerce expert to manage the technical aspect. Especially appreciate Rodolfo's input in making decision in regard to what to install and his expertise in WPML. Highly recommended, which is why we hire him repeatedly.
  46. André

    In December 2018 I needed help changing the layout of my website, I knew what I wanted but as a non-techie I didn't know how to achieve it. I contacted Rodolfo and after a short exchange via email he just arranged it up for me. His deep WooCommerce knowledge and his friendly support saved me a lot of time. Thank you Rodolfo
  47. Jessie Bee

    I was in the process of learning some new skills with my e-commerce site when I came across a problem that needed a quicker fix than my learning curve could handle. I reached out to Rodolfo and he wrote the snippet for me really fast and was helpful beyond the scope of my request. I think I still even have some time left on my purchase! He is a life saver, and I love getting his weekly emails and tips. I've learned so much from following him. I will definitely reach out to him again.

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