Get in Touch with Rodolfo Melogli, WooCommerce Developer

Hi there!

I work daily as a WooCommerce Development Freelancer, and I also feature on the news as an SEO & Content Marketing Expert (probably this is how and why you found me). 

I’m a forty-something civil engineer (right?) who spent his life between Italy, Ireland and the USA. The way I bumped into WooCommerce is a very long story… needless to say I now love my new career.

I love sharing my WooCommerce and Marketing knowledge with as many people as possible. I wrote a book, I teach WooCommerce online courses, I blog about WooCommerce, I run a weekly WooCommerce newsletter, and speak at WordCamps all over the world.

Unless you wish to get a quote via the form below, you can find me on Twitter or email me personally at [email protected]

Get a WooCommerce Development / Consulting Quote

I’m able to handle simple and complex WooCommerce development jobs.

In relation to turnaround, I’m pretty fast usually: 3-10 working days and sometimes it only takes 1 day. Of course this hugely depends on the task itself.

In regard to the investment required, I usually invoice clients for 1 prepaid hour or, more conveniently, for a prepaid 5hrs block at a cheaper hourly rate. Payment methods are PayPal and all major Credit Cards.

In addition to the above guarantees, I also provide:

  • 12 months warranty: if my customization stops working, I’ll fix it free of charge
  • Return policy: if I can’t get the functionality to work, you get a full time refund i.e. can reuse it on a future task
  • Offline backup: I’ll take a backup of my customization if for some reason you lose it
  • Peace of mind: it’s only me logging into, dealing with and working on your website – never a subcontractor

Here follows a list of my favorite testimonials. You can of course skip them and go straight to the WooCommerce development quote request form. Thank you in advance!

Send me your project specifications (min budget = $150 USD)