WooCommerce Category Banner Management Plugin Review

Using banners is a major digital advertisement method, used for self-promotion or the promotion of others. Both ways, it plays an important role in money making online. Mind that we are not talking about the Google Adwords banners that appear in widgets. Those are easy to set, but cannot be managed by you for your business. Instead, we’re talking about the highly-customizable banners that could run as per your needs and add to your revenue.

If you have an e-commerce store, showcasing the special offers as banners can help you improve your sales speedily. At the same time, you may promote your partner brands and advertisements through banners too. In short, banners are super-useful. 

For the shop owners running their business through a WooCommerce store, banner management isn’t a tough nut to crack. Using the plugins like WooCommerce Category Banner Management Plugin, you can do it smoothly. This aid lets you set different category-wise or page-wise banner(s) for your shop.

In this article, we have reviewed the said plugin [free version and premium version] for its usability, efficiency, and functionality for businesses like yours. So, if you want to add advanced banner capabilities to your online store, do read it.

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WooCommerce: Display “New!” Badge on Recent Products

We already have a nice “Sale!” badge by default with WooCommerce – this shows on the Shop page once certain conditions are met.

Now, what if we wanted to show a “New!” badge for products published in the last 30 days? This would certainly grab the customer attention, and also communicate the fact your shop is constantly updating with new products and content (well, good for Google too, right?).

Well, here’s a simple snippet for you; simply copy/paste into your functions.php and magically a “New!” badge will show (note: CSS is not provided, you’ll need to adjust it based on your current theme and custom styles).

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WooCommerce: How to Display Custom Product Badges (e.g. %OFF, NEW, FREE)?

You would know by now ecommerce customers buy products for different reasons. Your store products might be cheaper than your competitors, maybe you offer better shipping rates, possibly you restock products more quickly than anyone else – or simply you’ve got a great product people keep buying.

One way to display your product features and benefits on the Shop page is by using “product badges”, a series of display messages that are able to communicate with the user immediately.

You’re probably already familiar with the “SALE!” badge that WooCommerce gives us by default. What if you wanted to show the exact percentage amount of that offer?

You’re also aware of the “Featured” option for WooCommerce products. Yes, they show in the “Featured” product shortcode, but what if you wanted the shop to display these special products in a different way, i.e. by using a special badge?

Well, there are millions of examples on how you could improve your products page (and single product page) by making the most of product badges. Thankfully there are snippets and plugins that can help you with that.

A little investment might mean better click-through rates and therefore higher conversion rates!

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