WordCamp EU Paris 2017: My 5-minutes Opinion

I’m just back at my desk, after 4 amazing days in Paris for WordCamp Europe 2017! To make it easier on you, I’m now going to tell you my opinion without spending too much time.

Reading time: 5 minutes!

Organizers did a great job

Putting 2,000 people in a room and keep them happy for a weekend is more difficult than getting a $100,000 freelancing contract. Well, maybe πŸ™‚

WordPress people… amazing as always

No tweet embed needed. If you were at the event, you spoke to at least 50 nice people on average. Hope you talked with me too πŸ™‚

Paris is great, but a little too expensive

You can’t beat Paris…

Despite the WCEU tickets were cheap, us freelancers struggled a bit with accommodation and food/drinks prices.

No problem though, as someone made the most of it πŸ™‚ Congrats!!!


Content might have been better

In my opinion WCEU Vienna 2016 had more interesting tracks.

My highlights were 3 (within the ones I attended of course, so please don’t take this badly): John Meada, Marina Pape and Morten Rand Hendriksen.

In 3 words: inspirational (J Meada), storytelling (M Pape), revealing (M R Hendriksen). If these 3 rules could be applied to WCEU Belgrade 2018, content will be king – again.



Food and coffee were awesome

I hate so many pastries.

Realtime transcription was unbelievably helpful

Kudos to the team!

Swag was good

I like swag when I actually use it. On Sunday, I wore WCEU 2017 t-shirt and socks (great idea), as well as using the WooCommerce travel swag.

The rest was not exciting. Call for sponsors: re-think your swag for next year. Make sure it’s helpful and does not go to waste. Also, consider our luggage is small – one t-shirt is enough. Be unique, be remembered.


Venue was great

Area was not the best in fairness, but I understand where organizers were coming from. WP would have gone bankrupt if venue was in the city center πŸ™‚


Weather was perfect

Don’t you love summer?

Having said that, Sunday was too hot!

Afterparty venue was great

Good location, big space, 2 music rooms, beer garden, clean and beautiful.


Afterparty music & theme were OK

Given the advantage of having two separate music rooms, more variety would have been appreciated. Maybe a live music band? Let’s help Belgrade team with some ideas – only constructive feedback is allowed.

The “Paris 1930’s” theme was announced slightly late, so not many were aware of it. Location and theme didn’t have anything in common.

But hey – I danced a lot πŸ™‚ DJ was great. People were awesome. I don’t recall seeing drunk or tired people. Just a happy bunch of WPDiscoDancers!

Afterparty food was tasty

Pity about the waiting time πŸ™‚

Drinks were a little expensive. But hey, it’s Paris. Looking forward to next year now, based on what I’ve been told πŸ™‚

WCEU Belgrade 2018 is going to be legendary

Go and get your tickets, flights, VISAs. I want to see you there. I want to see our community grow. I’d like simple swag, great content, inspirational speakers, more sponsors, a once again inclusive event, more affordable food/drinks and the same EXACT people.

I love you, WordPressers. Keep it up.

Au revoir.

Rodolfo Melogli

Business Bloomer Founder

Author, WooCommerce expert and WordCamp speaker, Rodolfo has worked as an independent WooCommerce freelancer since 2011. His goal is to help entrepreneurs and developers overcome their WooCommerce nightmares. Rodolfo loves travelling, chasing tennis & soccer balls and, of course, wood fired oven pizza.

4 thoughts on “WordCamp EU Paris 2017: My 5-minutes Opinion

  1. Thanks for the great write-up. I would love to have been there!

    Also, thanks for all your great content!

    1. Cheers Nick! Hope you can make it to next year’s, it’s going to be amazing πŸ™‚

  2. Fantastic write up and great to see you! ✌️

    1. Thank you Elliot, same, great meeting you again! I had a blast πŸ™‚ See you in Belgrade and maybe Brighton!

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