WooCommerce: Phone Input Mask @ Checkout

The WooCommerce checkout page has a default phone input field that gets validated upon checkout (for HTML geeks, it’s actually an input type = “tel”). Usually, if such phone number contains letters, it will fail and checkout will stop.

But that’s not the problem. Let’s suppose you only have US customers, or that you want to force customer to enter a certain format (e.g. “+” or “01” as prefix)… well, there is no way to achieve that out of the box within the WooCommerce settings.

However, anything is possible in regard to customization, so all we need are 3 small changes: force the billing phone input to stay within a “maxlength“, set the phone input placeholder so that users know what the format should be before typing in, and finally add some JavaScript to provide an input “mask”, so that the final output is exactly what we want (123-456-7890 in this case scenario, but it could be anything).


Once the snippet below is active, the phone input will display a placeholder “123-456-7890” and also, once you start typing in it, it will stick to that format and won’t allow you to change it. It also won’t allow you to enter more than 12 characters because we’ve set a maxlength.

PHP Snippet: Phone Placeholder and Input Mask @ WooCommerce Checkout

 * @snippet       Phone Mask @ WooCommerce Checkout
 * @how-to        Get CustomizeWoo.com FREE
 * @author        Rodolfo Melogli
 * @compatible    WooCommerce 5
 * @community     https://businessbloomer.com/club/

add_filter( 'woocommerce_checkout_fields', 'bbloomer_checkout_phone_us_format' );
function bbloomer_checkout_phone_us_format( $fields ) {
    $fields['billing']['billing_phone']['placeholder'] = '123-456-7890';
	 $fields['billing']['billing_phone']['maxlength'] = 12; // 123-456-7890 is 12 chars long
    return $fields;

add_action( 'woocommerce_after_checkout_form', 'bbloomer_phone_mask_us' );

function bbloomer_phone_mask_us() {
	wc_enqueue_js( "
		.keydown(function(e) {
			var key = e.which || e.charCode || e.keyCode || 0;
			var phone = $(this);			
			if (key !== 8 && key !== 9) {
			  if (phone.val().length === 3) {
				phone.val(phone.val() + '-'); // add dash after char #3
			  if (phone.val().length === 7) {
				phone.val(phone.val() + '-'); // add dash after char #7
			return (key == 8 ||
			  key == 9 ||
			  key == 46 ||
			  (key >= 48 && key <= 57) ||
			  (key >= 96 && key <= 105));
	" );

Where to add custom code?

You should place custom PHP in functions.php and custom CSS in style.css of your child theme: where to place WooCommerce customization?

This code still works, unless you report otherwise. To exclude conflicts, temporarily switch to the Storefront theme, disable all plugins except WooCommerce, and test the snippet again: WooCommerce troubleshooting 101

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13 thoughts on “WooCommerce: Phone Input Mask @ Checkout

  1. Having trouble with this. It’s giving me syntax error , unexpected ‘function’ (T-FUNCTION).

    1. Hi Heather I get no such error, so maybe it’s a copy/paste issue on your end?

  2. This code does not work when the browser autofill’s phone number?

    1. I’m pretty sure there is a way to disable “autocomplete” on the phone field – I’ll see if I can post a tutorial when I get some time

      1. Also, is this for logged in or logged out customers?

        1. Both logged in and non-logged in customers. Have you figured out a way to disable auto complete?

  3. Thanks Man

  4. If I have clients from different country how to create mask depends on different country ?
    Ex. Israel +972 xx xxx xxxx
    Russia +7 xxx xxx xxxx

    1. Hello Rina thanks so much for your comment! Yes, this is definitely possible, but I’m afraid it’s custom work. If you’d like to get a quote, feel free to contact me here. Thanks a lot for your understanding!

  5. I’m glad I’m subscribed to your newsletter.. Every week I learn something new, Thanks Rodolfo!

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