WooCommerce: How to Improve Product Search

Personalized search and product navigation have a dramatic impact on ecommerce sales conversions, and for that reason alone, you should include them in your WooCommerce website build.

But how do you improve the standard search function model included with WooCommerce?

Well, reducing search times and quickly matching your customers to products are two great examples of how you can enhance the customer experience and the value of your brand.

Upgrading the WooCommerce product search function with an AI powered search engine is an easy way to dramatically improve your sales conversion rate; a quick win/win.

This article will explain how to upgrade the basic WooCommerce search and provide a genuinely interactive search experience for your website shoppers. Enjoy!

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WooCommerce: Hide Products Based on IP Address / Geolocation

There are many plugins that would allow you to do this in bulk or that would give you advanced features… but what if you just need to hide one product ID for users who are visiting your WooCommerce website from a specific country code?

This is also called “geolocation” – remember this won’t work unless you’ve enabled geolocation inside the WooCommerce general settings. Other than that, get your product ID, find out the target country 2-letter code, and this snippet will do the trick. Enjoy!

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WooCommerce: How to Test Geolocation?

Great question, isn’t it?

How do you make sure your shipping, taxes and currency settings are working properly when they depend on geolocation and you can only test from a single world location?

WooCommerce uses a free geolocation service called MaxMind. By default this is active via the settings but can be disabled. The set of functions (or class) that WooCommerce uses is in the /includes folder, and it’s called Class WC_Geolocation.

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WooCommerce: How to Enable Multi-Currency?

If you got here it’s because you’re looking to increase your sales conversion rate by enabling “Multi-Currency” in your WooCommerce website.

The concept behind the currency switcher is simple: if I’m based in Europe I’d love paying in Euros, while if I were based in US I wouldn’t fancy the same treatment and I’d prefer paying in US Dollars – and so on. The more currencies, the higher your conversion rate.

Unfortunately you can only pick one currency from the WooCommerce settings, so you’ll need a plugin for enabling Multi-Currency. And despite there are many WooCommerce currency switcher plugins out there, there is one that stands out from the crowd.

A good currency switcher plugin for WooCommerce has many requirements. First of all, great support and clean code – when dealing with online payments you have to be sure everything works perfectly and that online customers don’t abandon the checkout. Second, Multi-Currency should work together with geolocation: manually selecting currencies is ok and all, but displaying automatically the correct currency based on IP address is much better UX. Finally, you should have the option of deciding conversion rates yourself or using reliable automatic database checking for daily exchange rate checking.

Thankfully, you can achieve all that with a single plugin.

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WooCommerce: Detecting Current User Country (Geolocation)

You may need to add some “personalization” to your WooCommerce website homepage. For example, you could print a custom greeting based on the user’s IP address.

For that, you can use PHP and WooCommerce inbuilt MaxMind Geolocation integration (when enabled from the General Settings Tab, of course).

Detecting the current user country could be very useful for other tasks, such as disabling payment gateways and shipping methods, printing country-specific content and so on. Enjoy!

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