WooCommerce: How to Enable Distraction-free Checkout

It’s always a sign of success when customers show interest in your products, add them to their carts, and proceed to checkout. But what’s the point if they drop off and leave your site in the middle of the checkout process? Unfortunately, cart abandonment is common, and one of the major reasons behind incomplete purchases is a complicated and distractive checkout procedure. 

According to the Baymard Institute research, 26% of online shoppers abandon the carts because of too complicated or too long of a checkout process, significantly impacting the eCommerce sales and revenue – losing $18 billion annually, to be precise. 

Losing valuable customers and such a tremendous amount of revenue is no joke – and one of the best ways to prevent this situation is by redesigning the WooCommerce checkout.     

The idea is to remove as much clutter and distractions through the checkout procedure – so customers can focus on completing the checkout entirely and end up buying your products. 

But first, let’s understand the use of these plugins and how they help your WooCommerce store and eCommerce business. 

How can distraction-free checkout help your WooCommerce store?

As an eCommerce store owner, you consistently strive to ensure that your business runs efficiently and your products add value and improve your customers’ lives. 

The last thing you want is customers not using or experiencing the value your products offer – just because of a few distractions or technical frustrations. 

A distraction-free checkout is one of the easiest ways to minimize cart abandonment rates, ensure a seamless checkout experience, and maximize your store’s conversions and sales.     

Here’s how a distraction-free and multi-step checkout procedure can help your store: 

  • It reduces checkout abandonment by removing unnecessary fields and auto-completing fields like addresses and names.
  • Removes distractions by removing your store’s standard navigation, banners, and sidebars to display specific information required for checkout and ensure a straightforward and clutter-free checkout process. 
  • A multi-step checkout process ensures a faster and easier customer checkout. For example, separate sections like personal details, billing, and payment in logical order help customers checkout faster with fewer fields on one page – increasing conversion rates. 
  • A multi-step checkout process is highly compatible and mobile-friendly – which is critical – especially when 85% of customers shop online through their mobile devices. 

When you put so much effort into designing and selling a user-friendly product – losing sales and customers simply because of an over-complicated checkout process isn’t fair. 

So, let’s see seven crucial distraction-free and multi-step check process plugins to ensure a seamless checkout experience and maximum sales. 

Distraction-free checkout plugins for WooCommerce 

Flux Checkout for WooCommerce

Iconic’s flux checkout is the best way to optimize your standard checkout procedure for a high-converting and multi-step checkout process. 

It limits the number of visible fields on a page to create a seamless checkout process, reduce distractions, and hold the customer’s attention. Thus, it offers a swift, frustration-free, and simple multi-step checkout process – increasing customer experience and conversion rates. 

Another major factor responsible for optimizing the checkout process is address autocomplete. This feature effortlessly auto-fills all the input address fields once customers select relevant addresses. In addition, it helps prevent customer frustration by prompting shipping and billing details – and combing six address fields into one. 

However, you’ll have to obtain a free Google Maps API key to use the address population feature and power the search functionality. 

The best quality of this plugin is that it doesn’t affect your WooCommerce store’s speed or performance even by an inch. Plus, it’s easy to set up and highly compatible with tools like WPML. 

Top feature: Mobile optimization has to be the top feature of this plugin as it ensures a seamless checkout not just on desktop but also mobile with unique transitions and modals for an improved, easy, and quick checkout experience. 

Pricing: The Plugin License costs $99/year, and the All Access Bundle costs $499/year. Both the plans come with a 100% no-risk 30-day money-back guarantee. 

YITH WooCommerce Multi-step Checkout 

YITH has performed many A/B Testing on its checkout pages to find the best multi-step checkout structure that works for eCommerce sales and offers a better user experience. 

According to them, when customers see too many empty fields on the same page, the checkout process seems long and overwhelming – making them abandon the process. 

Hence, they offer a distraction-free, multi-step checkout procedure to sort and split data into different sections and pages – login, billing, shipping, order info, and payment. 

To streamline the process and reduce the total number of sections, you can merge the billing and shipping sections into one and order info and payment into another. 

Top feature: You get many customization options with this plugin that let you customize timeline colors at every step, choose between numbers or icons for your checkout steps, enable AJAX validation at each step, set the step transition speed, and disable the shipping section, if not required. 

Pricing: The plugin costs $69.99/year and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and one year of upgrades and support. 

WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard 

This plugin creates a checkout wizard to ensure a distraction-free and convenient customer shopping experience that splits the default WooCommerce Checkout page into different sections. 

They follow the same rule of thumb – implementing a multi-step checkout process to avoid long and complicated checkout experiences. 

This plugin is fully customizable, WPML compatible, responsive, and even offers form validation for each step. 

Top feature: You can choose between multiple designs and progress bar styles to create a clutter-free multi-step checkout process that best matches your WooCommerce store. 

Pricing: The Regular License costs $19/year, and the Extended License comes for $100/year. 

Checkout X for WooCommerce

Checkout X calls themselves a complete eCommerce checkout solution for online stores of all types – beginning, growing, or scaling businesses. It guarantees a faster checkout process that helps enhance customer experience, increase revenue, and deliver higher conversion rates. 

They offer fewer input fields for customers to ensure a distraction-free and frictionless checkout process and eliminate the long, overwhelming process. It also auto-completes most customer information, eliminating the need to manually enter the address and location-based details. 

This plugin is distinct from other plugins because while others enforce multi-step checkout – Checkout X offers one-page checkout. Plus, they display all the input fields on a single page with a simplified UI and offer super-quick “Buy Now” links and mobile support.

Moreover, you can also implement post-purchase upsells to trigger special offers for the buyers once they confirm their orders. This makes it easy to increase sales and Average Order Value (AOV). 

Top feature: The Checkout X merchants experience revenue growth of 5-15%. In addition, while the industry average checkouts are nearly 66 seconds, Checkout X store customers finish checkouts in less than 25 seconds. 

Pricing: Free

Fluid Checkout for WooCommerce By Fluid Checkout

Fluid Checkout offers a linear and “Shopify-like” checkout process – eliminating unnecessary friction and ensuring better customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Unlike other plugins – this plugin gives you a choice to choose between a single-step and multi-step checkout process. In addition, they follow the rule of Shipping Before Billing to match customer expectations and allow them to enter shipping details before thinking about billing. 

It also makes it easy for repeat customers to finish their next purchase – allowing them to skip entering the validation information and jump straight to the payment information. 

While generally, an average checkout page consists of 16 fields – you can reduce them down to 8-9 fields using the hide optional fields feature of this plugin. Other critical features include instant field validation, offer gift options, and integrated coupon code field. 

Top feature: Its unique feature lets you strategically place widgets on your checkout page to avoid distraction and add a trust symbol to the page. These widgets include security badgers, testimonials, and reviews on widget areas placed at strategic positions like Checkout Header and Checkout Sidebar (Desktop and Mobile). 

Pricing: Its Lite version comes for free. 

Multi-Step Checkout For WooCommerce By SilkyPress

This simple plugin splits the entire checkout process into multiple processes to improve conversion rates.   

It’s designed using the standard WooCommerce templates to ensure it works with most themes. Plus, it comes with a sleek design, responsive layout, and mobile compatibility. Thus, over 10,000 active WooCommerce stores use this plugin that eliminates distractions and delivers a smooth checkout experience. 

Top feature: Some essential features include keyboard navigation, adjusting theme color, and inheriting the button and form designs. It also offers German and French translations. 

Pricing: Free

Multistep Checkout For WooCommerce

The MultiStep Checkout plugin for WooCommerce splits the checkout process such as login, billing, shipping, and order details into separate logical steps. Moreover, it lets you customize checkout form details like the text color, background color, and fixing the tab position. 

This plugin validates each step to ensure customers fill in all the information before proceeding. It also lets you combine the shipping and billing steps to reduce the number of steps and concise the checkout process. 

Interestingly, its Back To Cart button allows your customers to return to their cart page with a single click. While it’s a simple plugin – it offers enough customization and a linear checkout process for new WooCommerce stores. 

Top feature: The MultiStep Checkout for WooCommerce plugin has four different layouts – Timeline, Vertical Box, Horizontal Box, and Accordion layout. 

Pricing: It costs free, but you can also purchase the premium version starting at $39/year. 


Online shoppers expect a neat, quick, and simple checkout process with fewer fields and complications. Unfortunately, too many fields, banners, and sidebars distract buyers – resulting in cart abandonment. 

Using the multi-step and distraction-free plugins mentioned above – you can significantly reduce the abandonment rates and improve the quality of your sales and business revenue. They’re easy to use, install and come with high compatibility and customization options. 

These plugins are best to ensure a distraction-free checkout experience and cater to every eCommerce website’s needs. So, analyze your business requirements and choose the best option that matches your budget. 

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