WooCommerce: How To Set Up Dropshipping

Are you interested in dropshipping but don’t know what you need to get started?  Join me as I explain how to start dropshipping in WordPress with the right tools and no monthly payments.

If you’ve considered using WooCommerce as your dropshipping platform there are many ways you can implement it – one on the solutions is the SaleSource plugin.

What is a dropshipping website? 

Let’s start from the beginning: an online store is basically a website, so you’ll need a domain name and a host server as you probably already know, but that’s just the very basics (this isn’t necessary for Shopify stores).

To attract customers, the website must look like a store, it should have product categories and product pages with the product titles, large detailed pictures, prices payment gateways, a functional cart and more.

Sure, you can make all these elements if you have the right team or coding and design skill set, but you also need a lot of time and let’s face it most of us  don’t have all of these requirements, so that’s when the convenience of an e-commerce plugin comes in.

Ecommerce plugins provide all the necessary  elements and functions to turn aside  into an online shop.

WooCommerce for example is one such tool. Install it on your WordPress site and you will get a customizable online shop. It sounds easy, right? But it’s not enough to start dropshipping, the problem lies in how dropshipping works –instead of selling products from your physical inventory you’re asking suppliers to send goods on your behalf to your customers directly.

But to sell products you will need pictures, videos, descriptions and detailed information for your website. What’s nice is that dropshipping suppliers usually already have this stuff created, but the hard part is you a lot of this information is very generic and you will have to tweak and change some stuff to make it work for your store. And you will have to manually  do this product by product, you don’t  have to create them from scratch your  supplier has probably already created  them, but you still have to copy them to  your site to make it all attractive. In other words you need tools to import product pages from your supplier to your store and you will also need to process orders after you get sales.

Can you imagine copying and pasting, then changing information from your product supplier over and over, not to mention once orders come in you will have to let your supplier know what customers address every single time. There has to be a more automated way to do this and there is!

SaleSource plugin automates all of these manual processes, it specifically designed to turn a WordPress site into a dropshipping store that can sell products from Aliexpress: Asia’s largest online retail platform, perfectly suitable for Aliexpress dropshipping.

Simply install the plugin on a WordPress  site you own and you’ll get a store with  all the layouts and functions you will  need for a successful dropshipping business, product information that  automatically imports to your website in  a click and automated send-in of customer  addresses to your supplier is just so  much easier and faster with a smart  plugin. Plus, we have two versions of the plugin: One for WordPress and one for WooCommerce.

So, let’s summarize: To start dropshipping with WordPress you will need:

  • Niche idea
  • Your site
  • Dropshipping tool

If you choose SaleSource plugin, you’ll get many benefits, such as:

  • Automated import of products in ordered processing for convenience and speed
  • Full ownership: Unlike websites working on software as a service, a dropshipping store built on SaleSource belongs only to you and  not to a company that owns the software 
  • Affordable pricing

What’s great is that there many add-ons for SaleSource that can enhance your business even further. Another option exclusive to SaleSource, if you’re not interested in setting up everything yourself or simply don’t have the time, we can create a store for you. We provide the service under our custom stores. With custom stores we design and merchandise an online store from scratch, stocking it with high selling products based on your desired business niche and goals. This means you get a fully functional store ready to sell to your customers.

Dropshipping on WordPress is affordable and fun will SaleSource plugin – you can create your own dropshipping store with greater ease and start promoting and seeing orders. 

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