Deposit & Balance Payment plugin with only 1 order?

I’ve tested a few deposit and balance plugins and they all seem to create an initial order for the Deposit, then a separate order for the Balance payment.

Does anyone know of a plugin that keeps all the payments in a single order?

I’m kind of thinking the answer is no due to the way payments are captured…. but am hoping there is!

In my case it is just for ease of the accountant reconciling – the products have a deposit and payment plan – so each product can have up to 6 orders to reconcile, which she is finding a nightmare.

1 thought on “Deposit & Balance Payment plugin with only 1 order?

  1. I believe all WooCommerce orders must be paid in full, so that’s why they all create a second order for the balance.

    However, I did some tests, and to me this is possible with some custom code. Use to force the checkout to a given percentage e.g. 25% deposit. Order goes to processing. Via code, set the status to “Partially Paid”, and filter the order outstanding amount to 75% balance. Send the invoice to the customer (manually, or schedule via code). Get them to pay the balance. Order goes to processing. The client marks it as completed.


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