How to find a Tag ID?

I have a tag called ‘Sold out’; the slug is ‘sold-out’. Where do I find the ID?

Hide product gallery for variable products?

I’m trying to adjust the product image so that it doesn’t show any thumbnails and only shows the images of the variations when selected. Could someone help with that?

Display WooCommerce Analytics by user role?

Is there a way to create a type of WooCommerce user who can only see the Sales Reports (or only the Woo Analytics Area)?

We have a partnership with a direct sales network for one of our websites and they would like to be able to see the sales figures in real time without calling us.

Cart item data from an external API?

I would like to save metadata in each item in the cart (collecting item data from an external API) and I would like this data to be maintained in the order.

I’m not interested in viewing it because it’s a metadata that serves me in the backend to process the order in the internal ERP.

Are there already any example snippets that can help me?

Tax display by customer role?

In a WooCommerce store, I have two roles: Customer and Professional. In the WooCommerce options, I have selected to display prices in the cart and checkout with taxes included.

Now, I need for the Professional role to have the opposite setting, that in the cart and checkout the prices are displayed without taxes included.

Is there a way to modify that option depending on the role? If it is possible to do so, is there a filter or a clue from which I can start researching?

WooCommerce Ajax Filter issue

We use the plugin “WooCommerce Ajax Filter’ to have some filters on attributes. Apparently they use the Lookup Table.

Recently the filters weren’t working that good, not all products were shown. After regenerating the Lookup Table, the filters were working again.

The question is now: is there an indication when to regenerate it again? Also core WooCommerce uses that Lookup table, but it’s not clear to me when to run it again cause it’s not always obvious to see those filter issues.

How to add custom order statuses?

Hi everyone! I’m trying to modify my WooCommerce order status and I want to add two new ones: In Fulfillment and Payment on Product Pick-up.

Cart slide-in?

How can I show a slide-in the appears after the user clicks the “Add to Cart” button, offers two options – Show Cart and Finish Order, and disappears after a specified time interval, let’s say 5 seconds? Somethinf like this:

WooCommerce order source?

In Shopify there is an option to see the source (last link clicked on an external site) of each order. So basically one can make an attribution of the orders in WooCommerce (based on the Last Click criteria) to diferent channels.
Is there a way (plugin or script) to bring this information in WooCommerce Analytics or to generate a report like this in WooCommerce?

Price Calculator for WooCommerce error

I have a client who started with one developer, and I’ve inherited it. It wasn’t too bad of a mess, just not organized well. Since I didn’t set it up, I’m not familiar with everything. Price Calculator for WooCommerce is being used, and the client doesn’t like the spaces between the unit label and the parenthesis (see image). She also wants it to be lowercase y. Is there a hook or something I can use the change that (site isn’t live, but I can give a preview login if you want to view the source code)?

Automatically created username problem

I’ve just spotted that when WooCommerce registers users by autocreating the username (and thus the nickname), sometimes randomly it uses all of the user’s email address in the username and nickname by setting the nickname to eg. first-lasthotmail-com. Most of the time it does the job properly but it’s actually quite a serious problem when using BuddyBoss because it leaks personal data since the nickname is pretty visible in BuddyBoss.

Has anyone else seen this and do you have better ideas of what to do about it? As a temporary measure I’ve had to turn off “When creating an account, automatically generate an account username for the customer based on their name, surname or email” so customers have to choose their own username. This is a little bit of friction I’d rather not have.

Alternative to PPOM plugin?

I currently use PPOM for adding a text field into a product page for customers to specify how they want a dedication in a book. I have no complaints with this function. It just works.

But I have 2 issues with using it. Firstly my site is heavy, and I am on a mission to slim down unnecessary plugins and code that could be slowing things down. It has many more features than the simple one I need. Secondly I find ThemeIsle’s spammy ads in the back end product data panel annoying.

So I would love a slimmed down version, if it was available, and I would pay for it. Any suggestions?

How to re-order the shipping options on the WooCommerce checkout page?

I’m using the funnel kits plugin for the checkout page. I have tried different logics but none of them seem to work. We have 4 different shipping options.

  1. Free shipping
  2. Local Pickup
  3. Standard Shipping
  4. Express Shipping

The local pickup option is the first one that’s showing on the shipping options on checkout. I would like to make it the last option. People get confused thinking it’s a free option. So I would like to have it in the following order.

  1. Free Shipping
  2. Standard Shipping
  3. Express Shipping
  4. Local Pickup

All I would like to do is move the local pickup option to the last. Please help.

“Inconsistent tax settings” error

Entering prices exclusive of tax while displaying the shop price inclusive of price brings on this notification “Inconsistent tax settings”. Is this really a problem if a shop mostly sells in their own country? Okay, there could be some very small rounding problems, i guess. But i guess it’s mostly safe to enter prices exclusive tax to avoid tax changes. How do you handle this?