WooCommerce: What Are the Top Websites Powered by Woo?

Sometimes your WooCommerce web design clients need a little extra convincing.

Well, I have used the “NYT trick” quite a few times (don’t tell me you haven’t done that at least once)… which goes like this:

If the New York Times is using WordPress there must be a reason or two, no?” *facepalm*

So, the same applies to WooCommerce. Is WooCommerce scalable? Is WooCommerce just for small businesses? Is WooCommerce hard to maintain? How many products can WooCommerce handle?

Or is it that lots of great websites (more than 30% of them apparently) are powered by WordPress and a percentage of them by WooCommerce, including “big” ones?

How many websites are built with WooCommerce?

As of February 13th 2020, there are 3,876,748 live WooCommerce websites (source: BuiltWith). In the top 10k websites based on Alexa rank, WooCommerce has a 3.29% market share. In the top 1 million, this goes up to 7%.

Just to give you another stat, according to SimilarTech, there are 868k WooCommerce websites vs 270k Shopify websites.

The WooCommerce.com Showcase Page

WooCommerce.com has its own showcase page, which currently hosts approximately 100 top websites: https://woocommerce.com/showcase/

They have filters you can use to select the business niche, very good screenshots and – of course – links and useful customization descriptions.

You can try to submit your own WooCommerce project here in case you believe it’s worth a mention: https://woocommerce.com/submit-woocommerce-showcase/

List of Top WooCommerce Websites

There is cloud based software that scans the internet on a daily basis and categorize websites based on technology used, traffic and other criteria.

Many of these websites are quite expensive and the “free” trial usually requires a login. Besides, once you get the list of WooCommerce websites, they’re not really using WooCommerce (don’t ask me why).

So, I did a manual research, and here are some of the best, biggest and most popular WooCommerce websites as of February 2020:

  1. https://allblackshop.com/ – All Blacks Rugby Merchandising
  2. https://singerco.com.au/ – Sewing Machine Ecommerce
  3. https://www.weber.co.za/ – Barbecue Ecommerce

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