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Are you looking for ways to raise funds for a charity event or a non-profit organization? There are a multitude number of ways to go about it.

You can host an exclusive or virtual fundraising event, run email campaigns to collect funds, or even encourage friends and families to contribute their parts to the fund. However, these ways require a lot of legwork, including finding a place to host fundraising events, inviting guests, or hiring an email strategist to run marketing campaigns – which is time-consuming and expensive. 

The solution? Collecting online donations via WordPress or WooCommerce plugins to effectively raise funds for special causes, such as charities, non-profits, or relief funds. 

This article shares the best, easy-to-use, affordable WooCommerce fundraising and donations plugins you can use. Let’s get started!

What To Look For In An Ideal WooCommerce Donation Plugin? 

Before looking at the plugins, preparing a checklist of all the important features, you require with your WooCommerce donation plugins is important. First, you need a reliable, mobile-friendly, and customizable plugin that makes collecting donations online a breeze. 

Here are a few critical tips and factors to consider when looking for an ideal WooCommerce fundraising and donation plugin for your business: 

  • Seamless donor management allows you to accept donations, gain insights into the donation campaigns and analytics, and keep track of the donors – making reviewing the campaign performance and statistics easier. 
  • Highly scalable – allowing donors to make recurring donations to get regular funds for your cause. 
  • Receipt generator that sends receipts to the donors – notifying them that you received the donations via proof of payment. 
  • Customizable – offering multiple options to build a customizable donations form or a page that fits perfectly with your WooCommerce store. 
  • Effortless integration with email marketing services – making it easier to connect with your donors via email and expand your email list for more exposure. 
  • Multiple online payment gateway support – including direct transfer, Stripe, or PayPal for better reachability and catering to every donor’s needs. 

Considering these factors, let’s look at some of the best WooCommerce donation plugins that make fundraising smooth and effective for your business. 

Top WooCommerce Donations Plugins

YITH – YITH Donations for WooCommerce 

YITH Donations for WooCommerce lets you add a donation form in a widget or specific product page on any page of your WooCommerce site – allowing you to ask your customers to donate or extend their economic support for a special cause. 

It’s easy to set up, requires no technical assistance, and allows you to add the donation form to the cart – pushing customers to donate. You can also make donations mandatory with products. For instance, each time a customer adds a product to the cart – an option to make a small donation prompts on the screen. 

Besides, you can leverage shortcodes to place the form at any desired position in your store and show the total donation amount through comfortable sidebar widgets. 

In addition, this plugin comes with customizable texts and button styles, the ability to choose different payment options, like direct bank transfer, cheque, and PayPal, WPML compatibility, and sending personalized emails to customers for their valuable donations. 

Top feature: Allows you to set a minimum and maximum donation price required – giving customers a choice and a comfortable price window to make donations freely. 

Pricing: $79.99/year 

GiveWP WordPress Donation Plugin 

GiveWP is one of the top-rated WordPress donation plugins that lets you accept recurring and one-time donations via customizable donation forms that fit your store’s and fundraising campaign’s theme and style. 

Compared to other plugins, GiveWP makes recurring donations highly flexible for donors, allowing them to control the amount and recurring donation frequency easily. Another excellent feature is the powerful donor management that helps generate donation tax receipts and allows seamless third-party tools integration. 

It also provides insightful fundraising reporting with Google Analytics to help you understand the campaign performance from your WordPress dashboard. Unlike other plugins, GiveWP also works with page builders like Divi, Elementor, and the WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor. 

Besides, you can also import and export your old fundraising platform data to make better-informed decisions, target marketing efforts that worked, and boost your fundraising campaign performance. 

Top feature: Its paid add-on lets you accept donations via multiple payment gateways – including Stripe, PayPal Pro, square, Braintree, and Bitpay. 

Pricing: Free and the Basic, Plus, Pro, and Agency plan costs $149, $349, $499, and $599, respectively (billed annually). 

WooCommerce – Donation For WooCommerce 

Donation for WooCommerce is one of the popular WooCommerce donations plugins that let you add the donation widget on product, carts, shop, and checkout pages and create multiple donation campaigns for different causes. 

It has high customization features – like the round-up donations and progress goals. For instance, you can display the donation goal’s progress bar in a widget, the progress value in percentage, the number of donations received, the number of days left for the campaign to close, and the number of donations you require before the campaign closes, creating a sense of urgency among donors. 

Besides, it allows you to collect donation amounts on a recurring basis (daily, weekly, and monthly) and set interval lengths between recurring donations. However, you need to install the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin to accept recurring donations to your store. 

Other important features include sending donation receipts via email, exporting donation reports via PDF and CSV, and WPML compatibility for seamless translation. 

Top feature: The Round-up donation feature allows customers to round up the bill amount in their cart when completing the purchase and donate the remaining change. You can request the donation through the Round Off Donation pop-up – which you can customize in terms of background color, pop-up title, button text color, and message. 

Pricing: $99.00 (billed annually) 

WordPress – Seamless Donations 

Seamless Donations is a simple WooCommerce donations plugin with an easy setup process for global fundraising. 

It doesn’t charge any percentage fee or commission – allowing you to collect funds and donations completely free. In addition, you can accept automatic recurring donations via Stripe and PayPal. For instance, you can provide users with an option to make donations repeat at regular intervals automatically with a single click. 

While it comes with a modern desktop and mobile-friendly donations form – it also lets you purchase the Colorful Donation Forms and Beautiful Donation Forms style pack to accept donations for your cause. Seamless Donations also makes tracking your important contributors and managing donations easier – thanks to its support for standard WordPress post types for donors and funds. 

As Seamless Donations doesn’t charge transaction fees, it makes money through add-on sales and plugins – such as Thank You Enhanced, CSV support, and anti-spam. 

Top feature: Supports a wide range of currencies – including Brazilian Real, Hungarian Forint, and Danish Krone compared to other WooCommerce donations plugins. 

Pricing: Free with paid add-ons. 

WordPress – Charitable – Donation Plugin

Charitable lets you set up as many fundraising campaigns as you want – tailored to your specific needs. For example, you can set time-sensitive campaigns, create goals for your campaigns (like the maximum donation amount to be collected), and inherit your WooCommerce store’s theme style for effortless integration. 

It’s known for its customizable donation forms. You can choose to load the donation form on a separate page, in a modal, or on the same page as the campaign. Besides, you can also reduce the form length by only showing the required fields and displaying the suggested amount or letting users pay per their wish. 

While the free version of the plugin lets you collect donations via PayPal, cheque, or direct bank transfers, other payment gateways, like Stripe and Authorize.NET, come as paid add-ons. 

Other free features include easy email customization options for the subject, headlines, receipts, and GDPR compliance. 

Whereas some of the paid extension features include recurring donations, email marketing, newsletter integration, like MailChimp, and easy integration with automated platforms, like Zapier. 

Top feature: Facilitate donation management – allowing you to create and edit donations, export a CSV report, resend donation emails, and search donations directly from your WordPress dashboard without requiring any add-on. 

Pricing: Free and the paid plugin come with four plans – Essentials, Growth, Pro, and Agency that cost $119, $249, $349, and $499 per year, respectively. 

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is an advanced and versatile WordPress donation plugin for tech-savvy WooCommerce users that simplifies creating donation forms faster and much easier with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder. You can also use custom HTML codes and Bootstrap to customize these forms per your needs. 

This plugin automates recurring donations with its auto-donation feature via credit card donation forms. 

Besides, it also offers engaging, customizable reports in various graph formats to track fundraising information – including donation counters and donation amounts. Moreover, it also supports spam-protection tools, like reCAPTCHA, honeypot, and Akismet, to secure your donation and fundraising campaigns from fraudulent donors. 

Other features include WPML compatibility and seamless integration with the top payment gateways, like Stripe, CRMs, like Pardot and Agile CRM, email marketing services, like ConvertKit and MailPoet, and automation tools, like GetResponse and Zapier. 

Top feature: It provides several customizable donation form templates for schools, volunteer groups, sponsorships, and non-profits. 

Pricing: The Basic, Plus, Business, and Elite plans cost $39.50, $199, $399, and $599 per year. 


WooCommerce donation plugins make collecting online funds hassle-free through the quick setup and effortless integration. However, with such an extensive list of plugins available – finding the right plugin that ticks all the boxes can get challenging. 

So, go through the list of donation plugins mentioned in this article and choose the one that comes with the features, payment gateways, currencies, customizations, and integrations you require for your unique store’s needs and requirements. Good luck! 

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