WooCommerce: Why Use A Product Configurator Instead of Variations

One of the biggest marketing trends in recent years is the increasing shift towards delivering customized and personalized product experiences to customers. 

Customers are increasingly looking for online and eCommerce stores that provide order customization options for gifting purposes and the ability to add their personal and unique touch to their orders. While 90% of the U.S. customers find the idea of personalization appealing – impersonal shopping experiences frustrate 71% of customers

Thus, as a WooCommerce store owner – it’s important to strive and meet the increasing consumer demands to prevent dissatisfaction, improve their shopping experiences and increase the overall sales.  

This article will see some easy yet impactful ways to deliver a personalized customer experience and order customization. But first, let’s see how it can benefit your WooCommerce store. 

Why offer product customization?

Imagine a customer lands on your WooCommerce store’s product page to buy a watch. They love the design, the color and material of the straps, and the price – but the watch’s face isn’t in the color they want, and you offer no other options in your store. 

This situation leaves them struggling with the purchase decision as the face color doesn’t fit their personal preferences – making them abandon your store and look for a desirable product elsewhere. 

You can avoid this situation and offer product customization options to your customers. Here are some more benefits of doing so for your WooCommerce store: 

  • Increased customer satisfaction: Customization options allow your customers to select and design the products they prefer – giving you an idea of customer preferences and enhancing their shopping experience. 
  • Provides a competitive edge in the market: Offering customization options on your store distinguishes you from your competitors – contributing to business growth, brand awareness, credibility, and higher sales. 
  • More revenue-generation opportunities: You can charge more fees for personalized products to your customers and grow your store’s earnings. Customized products attract customers – making them more likely to pay extra for the products that suit their styles and are one-of-a-kind. 

So, whether you sell customizable accessories, clothing, furniture, or sports equipment – offering customization options will uplift your store’s image and improve customer satisfaction – resulting in higher conversions. 

But the question is, how can you offer these options?

There are two ways: creating “variable” products with hundreds of attributes, or, to make your life and your customers’ one easier, installing a WooCommerce Product Configurator plugin. 

Product configurator plugins make it easy for your customers to visually customize the products that suit their needs – without you having to add a lot of product variations to display several product options

Thus, if you want to avoid losing potential customers and sales, here are the top Product Configurator plugins for your WooCommerce store. 

Top product configuration WooCommerce plugins

WooCommerce Product Configurator 

WooCommerce Product Configurator is an excellent plugin that eliminates your effort and saves time to create multiple product variations and images on the product pages. 

This plugin makes product customization user-friendly – allowing your customers to select different product options, visually configure products on your store, and try every combination, increasing customer satisfaction. 

It also allows customers to see a mini-preview of their final products with customized options once they add them to their carts – eliminating confusion and reducing cart abandonment. 

One of its excellent features is stock management – making it easy to manage the stock levels for each product attribute and option right from the edit page. Thus, you can quickly and easily view the stock levels to ensure stock availability for each product option and prevent last-minute customer frustration. 

Overall, WooCommerce Product Configurator is an easy-to-use, compatible, speed-optimized, and mobile-friendly plugin – allowing your customers to configure products on the go, ensuring the best possible customer experience and maximum sales for your WooCommerce store. 

Top feature: Allows you to use transparent PNG image layers for each unique product option – saving countless hours creating several image combinations. 

Pricing: The Plugin License costs $79/year, while the All Access Bundle costs $499/year. 

Staggs Product Configurator for WooCommerce

Staggs offers an all-in-one product configurator toolkit for 2D and 3D configurable products, built right into your WordPress dashboard. It’s easy-to-use and easy-to-understand for any type of user. 

With Staggs you can add various Option Groups, such as colors, size, materials, and features. Add Image swatches to display the Product Options such as color or material in a visually attractive way. You can Generate product images in real-time as well with Dynamic Image Generation. Ensuring that your customer sees an accurate representation of the final product before buying.

You can set pricing rules with Dynamic Price Calculations. The price will then change based on the customer’s selections. This way you’ll get different prices for different product options. And you’ll get a higher purchase value. 

You’re not only providing customers with an amazing shopping experience, but also giving yourself the upper hand with their Analytics. By displaying all ordered product configurations in a single table, you can see what customers ordered most and improve configurators. Boosting conversion rates even further. 

Top feature: Their Premium 3D product model viewer feature with basic AR support. With 3D models the customer can view the finished product from any angle. They can even place the object in their own room thanks to basic AR capabilities. This gives customers an interactive shopping experience. 

Pricing: You can use Staggs for free or upgrade to the PRO version. The PRO version for a single site, 3 sites, and 30 sites cost $59, $99, and $199 per year, respectively.

Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce

Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce is a lightweight and user-friendly configurator plugin. In essence, it allows you to add forms to your product pages so your customers can personalize their products before adding to cart. 

The plugin is capable of adding more than 15 field types to your form. Moreover, the forms can contain conditional logic, change the final product price, and you can live preview changes straight on the product page! No matter how complex your WooCommerce product is, Advanced Product Field has you covered. Furthermore, it can be extended to a real powerhouse through extra add-on plugins.

Top feature: it’s a popular plugin that can be used for complex use cases, despite being lightweight and fast. It also integrates with many other plugins out of the box, such as WooCommerce Subscriptions.Pricing: The basic license costs $59/year, while the full-featured version (including all add-ons) costs $149/year.

WP Configurator 

WP Configurator lets you take product customization to the next level and enhance customer experience and product sales. It’s an easy-to-use, easy-to-configure, and easy-to-understand plugin with thorough and detailed guides to facilitate your product configuration journey. 

It provides multiple product configuration options – allowing you to take your product’s pictures, digitalize your products, build product layers, or even contact the customer support which does these tasks for you. 

This plugin doesn’t have limitations and allows you to create unlimited sub-child and levels inside your parent’s configurable product. Thus, you can make the product as deep and complex as possible – making it easier for your customers to buy the perfect product. 

Other excellent and unique features include connecting configurable products with a quote form, creating unlimited views of your products with dots or named tabs, and customizing the quote form with a free Contact Form 7. 

Thus, the WP Configurator plugin for WooCommerce provides a simple, agile, yet powerful backend with outstanding frontend results – with imagination being the only limit when it comes to configuring products on your store. 

Top feature: Its hyper-personalization allows your customers to configure products beyond a simple color change with endless options such as – configuring the product’s components and textures. 

Pricing: The single site, 3 sites, and 100 sites plugin cost $54.15, $109.41, and $219.93, respectively. 

WooCommerce Product Configurator 

This WooCommerce product configurator plugin is one of the unique ones on the list that lets you add augmented reality, 3D product configuration, and virtual photography to your store to deliver a high customer experience. 

Hence, using this plugin, you can encourage product customizations to your customers, turn 3D models into realistic images, and view the final virtual product using augmented reality. Moreover, this plugin also provides advanced visual configuration capabilities – including nested and parametric configuration

Other excellent features include 3D Asset Management to store product details and enable wide-scale repurposing and Manufacturing Outputs to automatically generate information like assembly instructions, CAD files, and the bill of materials. 

Threekit’s WooCommerce Product Configurator is an advanced product configurator plugin that lets you build a  better product experience for your customers and increase their buying confidence. 

Top feature: Its automated order processing feature automatically generates the customer’s orders with accurate product specifications when your customer proceeds to purchase their customizable products. 

Pricing: It comes with custom pricing based on your specific needs. 

Product Configurator for WooCommerce

Product Configurator for WooCommerce lets you use and add product layers to produce instant visuals for customers to view – instead of adding product variations. Hence, this plugin makes it easy for your customers to design products using numerous layer options with fine editing and customizations. 

In addition, it also provides simple shortcodes for inline configurator and ‘configure’ button – making it a simple and convenient solution. 

Moreover, it comes with a theme customizer – allowing you to choose from the available themes and modify the selected colors to enhance the visual appeal of your product page and WooCommerce store. Overall, it’s a simple product configurator plugin with minimal functionality. 

However, for more functionality, you can also opt for its premium add-ons – such as stock management, variable products, conditional logic, and form fields

Top feature: This plugin allows you to create and export product layers using a 3D render or Photoshop to enable product customization for your customers. 

Pricing: Free with premium add-ons available. 

Visual Product Configurator 

Visual Product Configurator is a high-performant and blazing-fast product configurator plugin. 

No matter what product you sell, Visual Product Configurator renders a dynamic preview of your customer’s custom product design – making the process fun, visual, and precise. 

Furthermore, its add-on features let you display multiple views of the final products to your customers for each customization choice they make – avoiding confusion, wasting time, or forgetting details. Moreover, customers can easily edit and add texts or images to the products and share their final custom designs on Facebook, Pinterest, and Emails. 

Other add-ons and skins include Form Builder Add-on, Lom Nava Skin Add-on, Save for Later Add-on, and Ouando Skin Add-on. Overall, it’s an easy-to-use and simple plugin that provides excellent technical and security support for your store. 

Top feature: It allows you to offer your customers the choice to ask for a quote for their products with unique customization options first – instead of making a standard purchase. 

Pricing: The Yearly subscription plan costs $69 per year per domain, while the One-time fee costs $299 per domain. 

WooCommerce Product Configurator

Havi Propel WooCommerce Product Configurator provides simple yet powerful product customization and virtualization plugin that allows you to list an indefinite number of products and provide numerous customization options to your customers. 

It provides a 3D product configurator software for you to create as many design options as needed from the product designer’s admin. You need to sign up to get a unique product designer storefront URL, create design alternatives for customers, and integrate the product designer into your WooCommerce store. 

One of its excellent features is ‘flexible pricing’ – allowing you to set different and flexible prices for different levels of customization for options like product’s material, color, size, print, and pattern. Moreover, you can also charge more to your customers for adding customization options – increasing your store’s revenue. 

Overall, it’s a fully responsive plugin that works well on all devices and provides an omnichannel product design experience. 

Top feature: It ensures a smooth customization process and allows customers to see multiple views of the products with easy-to-use controls to improve customer experience 

Pricing: This plugin requires paying either a Service On Subscription (SAAS) or an enterprise license on your website server. 


Offering product customization is a trending and popular eCommerce revolution – as 51% of marketers consider and rate personalization as their number 1 priority. It piques customers’ interest to design and build personalized products per their specific preferences and style. 

Moreover, it helps improve customer engagement, helps your WooCommerce store stand out from the competitive market, and allows you to charge more fees for custom products. The plugins mentioned above are some of the top choices that provide an intuitive interface and flexible options to offer product customization capabilities to your customers. 

So, explore the WooCommerce Product Configurator plugins mentioned above and choose a suitable option that best fits your needs and budget requirements. 

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