WooCommerce: How to Offer Advanced Discounts

Offering discounts is a powerful, time-tested strategy to entice customers and boost sales. 

That’s because customers always appreciate a good deal – and helping them save money on products/services they’re interested in is a sure-fire technique to attract them. In fact, nearly 90% of shoppers used a coupon code last year, which shows how much customers value discounts. 

Discounts can also help you bring more traffic to your website, encourage shoppers to buy more, and thus, increase sales and revenue. So, they’re a win for both sides. 

The good news is WooCommerce offers a solid coupon functionality by default to help you create discounts on your store. 

While it’s great to get started, WooCommerce Discount plugins can come in handy for more advanced features like bulk-generating coupons, restricting discounts to specific users, or creating deals like Buy One Get One (BOGO).

This article will explore some plugins that can help you implement a discount strategy on your store in just a few clicks and “woo” your customers. 

Let’s dive in!

1. YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts 

Like all of Yith’s plugins, this one too is feature-rich and can meet all your discounting needs. 

The plugin lets you create a variety of promotions – from BOGO offers (like Buy 2 Get 1 or Buy 1 Get 1 at 50%) to quantity-based discounts (where the discount increases as shoppers buy more items) and cart discounts (based on the sub-total, for example). 

It also gives you the option to apply discounts globally or only on specific categories – you can even configure a different discount rate for each category. Its “Exclusion List” feature is particularly beneficial, letting you select products or categories that you want to exclude from deals.

You can also choose whether to give a percentage or flat discount and who can avail discounts – all your users or only specific ones, like members. 

Top feature: While it lets you start and end discounts manually, you can also schedule them for a later date, and it’ll automatically launch them for you. 

Pricing: $139.99/year with 1-year updates and support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

2. WooCommerce Smart Coupons 

WooCommerce Smart Coupons lets you offer discounts in various forms – BOGO deals, store credits, gift vouchers, free products, discounts on next purchase, for first-time customers, or based on purchase history.

Again, you can set a flat or percentage discount – you can also configure the maximum discount to give for the latter (like 20% off up to $50), so it doesn’t eat into your profits.

You can also restrict discounts to specific users, shipping or payment methods, and countries and set expiration dates for coupons. 

While it offers all the features of a decent discount plugin, what makes Smart Coupons stand out is that it lets you bulk-generate coupons – you can add them to your store right away or email them to customers as URLs. 

Top feature: It doesn’t slow down your website or the checkout process. Its dashboard also gives you a clear overview of all the discounts/coupons running on your store.

Pricing: $99/year with 1-year extension updates and support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

3. Flycart Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Much like Smart Coupons, this plugin also gives you tons of options to create discounts on your store. 

You can create store-wide, product or category-specific, or cart-based discounts – to be applied based on parameters like the sub-total and quantity of items. 

Besides buy-one-get-more, it also lets you create deals on bundles (like buy 1 for $15 and 3 for $30) or offer free shipping as a way to entice customers. You can even provide tiered discounts – where the discount increases as a customer buys a larger quantity. 

That’s not it. You can also give discounts based on user roles, a customer’s purchase history, location, and manually enter names of customers who can avail discounts – and even set different rates for different customers. 

Top feature: It lets you show a “Sale” badge on discounted products – this can further help attract customers and make them click on your products. 

Pricing: Has a free version; paid plans start at $59/year.

4. Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce

Advanced Dynamic Pricing has all the essential features you’d need in a discount plugin – it lets you create deals on specific products, categories, collections, and even user role and cart-based discounts. 

So, while configuring a discount rule, you can choose the products it will apply to, give a fixed or percentage-based discount (and set the maximum value for the latter), and specify the discount to provide for each user role. 

It doesn’t only let you show a “Sale” label on discounted products but also customize its text and the discount message displayed on your store

What’s more, you can also set a limit on the number of times a customer can use a discount coupon, helping you keep a check on discounts and profits. 

Top feature: It gives you insights into your discount strategy’s performance, helping you understand which offers and products work the best and the costs involved. 

Pricing: Has a free version; paid plans start at $50/year.

5. WooCommerce Role Pricing

Unlike other plugins on the list, WooCommerce Role Pricing lets you create dynamic pricing and discount strategies solely based on user roles. This means you can set different discounts for various user roles – like distributors, customers, premium clients, and subscribers. 

The process of configuring discounts is also pretty straightforward. All you have to do is choose whether you’ll offer a fixed amount or a percentage off and set the values for each role – e.g., 20% and 15% off for subscribers and customers, respectively. 

Once you configure these settings, it’ll apply these discount rates to all products – only specific users will see the new prices while others will see the original prices

The Pro version further extends its functionality by letting you set custom discounts for different products and categories. This way, you can also start deals only for specific products/categories instead of creating them globally. 

Top feature: It also lets you choose which discount a user will get if they fall under several roles having different discounts. 

Pricing: Free; Pro version costs around $22.52.

6. Subscriber Discounts for WooCommerce 

Another interesting plugin, Subscriber Discounts, creates discounts specifically for those users who subscribe to your MailChimp or ActiveCampaign mailing list – this can help increase subscriptions, and ultimately, your customer base. 

The incentive of discounts can compel visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, and every time a user signs up, the plugin creates a unique discount code for them. 

Again, you can choose whether to give a percentage or fixed amount off and the maximum number of times a customer can use a coupon. You can also customize the coupon code it generates using shortcodes. 

What’s more, it lets you select the products/categories the vouchers can apply to, set their expiry date, and even exclude their use on items already on sale.  

Top feature: You can fully customize the emails sent to subscribers – their subject, greeting, and message.  

Pricing: Free.

7. Buy One Get One

As its name suggests, this plugin lets you create and run different BOGO deals on your store. 

You can create these offers at the category or product level – in the former, it also lets you exclude certain products or variations from the deal. 

You can choose whether to offer the second product for free or at a flat/percentage discount and whether it should be the same product customers bought or another one from your catalog.

Customers can also remove the free product by choice or choose its variation – if it’s a variable product. That’s not it – you can also give them a list of free products to choose from, further improving their experience at your store.  

The best part is, you can enter any number in the “Buy Quantity” and “Offered Product Quantity” sections in its settings and create your own offers. 

Top feature: You can set an offer start and end time and choose the days on which it’ll run. It’s also easy to understand and use. 

Pricing: Has a free version; Pro costs $25 with 1-year updates. 

8. ELEX Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

Elex’s Dynamic Pricing and Discounts is a great plugin to create discounts at the product, category, or cart level. 

It basically lets you offer discounts based on the product quantity, weight, or price – for instance, you can give $20 off when cart items exceed 6 pounds or when shoppers buy 3 units of a product. 

You can start discounts based on user roles, purchase history, order total, shipping, and payment methods too. 

It also lets you configure a maximum discount limit for every rule, so it doesn’t affect your profits. And you can create BOGO deals using the plugin – it automatically adds the free product to the customer’s cart, providing them a smooth experience. 

Top feature: It lets you highlight all the deals on a product through a Pricing or Offers table – so customers can know about all the offers and make decisions accordingly. 

Pricing: $79 with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


Discounts are an excellent way to increase your store’s sales, build customer loyalty, and bring repeat customers. 

Given the vast features they offer and the control they give store owners, these WooCommerce plugins are some of the best to start and run a discount program. 

While all of them are great, make sure to dig deeper and choose the one that fits your business requirements and budget. 

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