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The Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce Coupons



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Please note: since August 2020, the WooCommerce > Coupons dashboard section has been moved to Marketing > Coupons inside the WordPress admin. Other than that, the video below is still valid as no settings were changed.

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6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce Coupons

  1. Hi,

    It seems that the discount will be applied (evenly distributed) to the order line despite a fixed basket discount being used. Is there a settings that will disable that behaviour? I would like that the coupon be applied only at the total amount of the order instead of on the order lines level.

    Another issue that I have is that the value set in the coupon settings and the amount when the coupon is used is different.



    1. Thanks for your comment, Ken! Are you able to send me a screenshot to describe what your issue is? Where do you see that the discount is being applied to each single product as opposed to the order total?

      1. Thanks for your reply, Rodolfo!

        I am seeing it in the order summary under woocommerce->orders. Below are the screenshot as requested.

        Order Summary:

        Coupon being Fixed basket discount


        1. Ah that helps thank you. I don’t think this is easy to disable, so let me ask you one thing: what is the actual problem with that? Your store admins get confused by that? Because your customers won’t see that (I believe). I’m basically trying to understand what your actual problem is, because based on the screenshot, even if it’s evenly split between order items, the total discount is 12.50 + 12.50 = 25.00 which is correct. Let me know!

          1. Thank for your quick reply.

            The problem is I am intergrating the shop with dynamics and I would like to send the original price and the discount in a seperated field if the discount is on the cart and not on the order lines level.


            1. I took a look at the plugin code, and the apply_coupon_fixed_cart() function triggers the apply_coupon_fixed_product() for each discountable item, so your request would require a complete overhaul of how the coupons work when a WooCommerce order is placed. It’s totally possible, but a lot of code is required to override this default behavior.

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