WooCommerce Ajax Filter issue

We use the plugin “WooCommerce Ajax Filter’ to have some filters on attributes. Apparently they use the Lookup Table.

Recently the filters weren’t working that good, not all products were shown. After regenerating the Lookup Table, the filters were working again.

The question is now: is there an indication when to regenerate it again? Also core WooCommerce uses that Lookup table, but it’s not clear to me when to run it again cause it’s not always obvious to see those filter issues.

3 thoughts on “WooCommerce Ajax Filter issue

  1. Does Woo sync the table through scheduled actions? If so perhaps a few runs failed or the action scheduler got blocked?

    1. Seems like that also worked fine; completed the run for woocommerce_run_product_attribute_lookup_update_callback, multiple times per day. I don’t know if that’s the right hook though

      1. The scheduled action group name should be “wc_update_product_lookup_tables”
        But that’s all I know, sorry. Never had issues with the lookup being out of sync.


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