WooCommerce: How To Set Up Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) Offers

It’s no secret that the global eCommerce market size is increasing rapidly. Only a couple of years ago, online sales amounted to 17.8% of total sales. That share is supposed to rise to 21% by the end of 2022 and further still to 24.5% by 2025.

As competition heats up, with more players entering the market, customers have more options to choose from. So, how do you thrive in this fiercely competitive atmosphere and maintain your sales growth, while ensuring customer satisfaction? 

eCommerce businesses adopt many strategies to entice customers and improve conversion rates. One such effective strategy is offering the Buy One Get One (BOGO) offer and discounts, which helps acquire new customers and turn them into repeat buyers. 

Before we explore how you can add BOGO offers to your store to offer discounts to your customers and improve sales, let’s see how exactly such an initiative helps your store’s bottom line. 

Importance Of Buy One Get One (BOGO) Offers For Your WooCommerce Store

Over 64% of online customers don’t make purchases until the products are discounted.

Hence, discount offers play a significant role in driving more sales to your store, and BOGO offers help convert significantly better. Here’s how: 

  • Yields better customer responses: 66% of customers prefer BOGO offers over other discounts – as psychology plays a major role in this offering. While customers think they received a good deal on a product by getting 100% off on one item, you make more profits and ensure customer satisfaction with long-term relationships. 
  • Helps clear out inventory faster: BOGO offers don’t cost anything and help get rid of inventory faster. It’s because customers are more likely to purchase a product with its original price and get one free than buying a single product for half the price. Thus, BOGO helps clear old inventory – making space for a fresh inventory cycle. 
  • Helps share the profits with the customers: The BOGO marketing strategies allow you to improve brand identity, brand building, market outreach, and business credibility – by sharing profits with the customers instead of stakeholders. 
  • Reduce cart abandonment: Since you’re offering one product for free, customers might run back to their carts and complete their abandoned purchase – reducing your cart abandonment rate and increasing sales.

Now that we know how BOGO deals help your online store’s sales and revenue, let’s look at some of the best WooCommerce BOGO plugins you can use to leverage the benefits mentioned above. 

WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free Offer Plugins 

YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts 

Yith WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts is an intuitive plugin that makes setting up multiple BOGO offers on your WooCommerce store effortless. It’s the most powerful plugin to create targeted promotions and leverage dynamic pricing rules to catch customers’ eyes and improve their order value. 

Besides the Buy One Get One deal – you can create limitless offers like discounts, promotions, bonuses, special prices, free products, 3 for 2, and 2 for 1. The best aspect of this plugin is that you can manage, plan, customize, and configure all these discounts and advanced promotions in a few clicks using the plugin builder. 

Moreover, you can choose to apply discounts to specific product categories or the entire store, schedule promotions with an automated start and end date during holidays (Christmas, Black Fridays, or Halloween), or offer a product as a gift as an incentive to convince customers to finalize their purchases. 

Other features include setting custom discount rules and creating quantity-based discounts. 

Top feature: It allows you to display dynamic messages in the cart to advertise offers, encourage customers to add more products, benefit from discounts, and improve user experience. 

Pricing: $139.99/year

WooCommerce Buy One Get One

If you’re looking for an option to move and clear inventory and generate more revenue – WooCommerce Buy One Get One is the right choice. 

You can offer deals like buy two get one, buy three get two, automatically add product as a gift, enable promotion if customers use specific coupons, and set the minimum amount for customers to benefit from an offer. 

Besides these features – you can also limit the number of times a customer uses a promotion, create user-role-based promotions (like for wholesalers), and schedule the start and end date of the promotions. 

Apart from this plugin – you can also add this PHP code snippet to provide BOGO offers to your customers. 

Top feature: Unlike other plugins – this plugin gives your customers a choice to choose a gift and take control of the free product when they purchase specific products. 

Pricing: $49.00 (billed annually) 

WordPress – Buy one Get one Free

This is a simple and ideal plugin to create BOGO discounts and offer product and category-based offers to your customers. 

For instance, you can provide the buy one get one free for a product, buy a product from a specific category and get product B for free, or buy one get one and provide a list of options to customers to select a preferred choice of free product. 

You can easily customize the free product variations and enable BOGO offers for specific products and categories you like. While the free version provides basic features – the pro version provides additional features like setting a message on the product page to describe the offer and customizing the message for each product. 

Top feature: It allows you to configure BOGO discounts and specify the price for free products on a global level. 

Pricing: Free, but the pro version costs $25, $43, and $70 for 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years updates, respectively. 

WordPress – Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce

This plugin makes it easy to quickly set discounts and dynamic pricing rules and activate and deactivate rules as required. 

You can either set fixed pricing discounts for all products of your WooCommerce store or configure percentage adjustments and fixed dollar adjustments per your specific needs. 

Besides the buy one get one pricing – other dynamic pricing examples it supports are buy X items and get Y% off, buy a product package at a discounted price and get another product free, and buy product X and get Y free. 

Moreover, it also comes with customizable interface settings – allowing you to show/hide original prices, show/hide the bulk discount table on product pages, and show/hide the “On Sale” badge. 

The pro version provides additional features, like adding exclusive discount rules, adjusting product pricing on the fly, and analyzing insightful statistics (which rules work and how much it costs). 

Top feature: It allows you to set up bulk pricing rules for products and categories, design bulk tables using a customizer, and enable role-based bulk discount prices. 

Pricing: Free, but the pro version costs $50, $100, and $200 per year for 1,3, and 10 websites, respectively. 

ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin

This highly compatible plugin lets you set up diverse discount types and offerings on your WooCommerce store’s cart, category, product, and combination levels (combining products from different categories). 

It lets you provide BOGO offers on products and product categories and BOGO discounts based on the WooCommerce Product tags. For instance, you can offer one or many products for free if a customer chooses a product with the tag. 

Moreover, you can also show product pricing rules and offers table on the product page – making it easier for customers to know about all the available product discounts. 

Overall, this plugin offers a wide range of options to set up dynamic discounts and customizable rules for your store. 

Top feature: It provides an advanced and special control to set discount rules and limits based on attributes like user roles, customer’s email ID, purchase history, and payment method – proving to be truly dynamic in nature. 

Pricing: $75, $119, and $199 for a single site, 5 sites, and 25 sites, respectively. 

MakeWebBetter – WooCommerce Buy One Get One (BOGO)

WooCommerce BOGO is a GDPR-compliant and simple plugin that lets you create BOGO offers and discounts on products, product categories, and cart total with ease. 

It allows you to set three different rules to create product offers – including offering products free, at a fixed price, or with a discount. One of the unique features is it allows you to surprise your customers by offering a complete discount once their cart reaches a definite subtotal – increasing repeat orders and customer satisfaction. 

Overall, it’s a perfect plugin that works in several languages and increases store revenue, drives more traffic, and enhances customer loyalty towards your WooCommerce store. 

Top feature: It offers a flexible shortcode – allowing you to display BOGO offers anywhere on the page as needed. 

Pricing: $49, $175, and $309 for 1, 5, and 23 sites, respectively. 

Woosuite – WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discount Rules

This plugin comes with a simple user interface – making it effortless to create multiple BOGO offers per your marketing strategies. 

Its dynamic pricing feature allows you to create discount rules based on the user role, memberships, product, category, category total, and cart order value. 

Other features include creating fixed or percentage-based pricing discounts, displaying pricing tables on the product page in a user-friendly way, and creating unique browsing and user restrictions for different user groups. 

Thus, it’s a compatible and customizable plugin that lets you configure BOGO deals based on user groups and set coupon-activated discounts and holiday discount campaigns with a breeze. 

Top feature: The bulk import/export feature saves time managing and creating bulk discount rules – enabling bulk editing and uploading your pricing rules. 

Pricing: The Basic, Professional, and All Access plans cost $8.25/mo, $12/mo, and $29/mo, respectively (billed annually). 

WPDESK – Flexible Pricing for WooCommerce

This plugin lets you configure diverse discounts and BOGO free deals flexibly. 

Besides the buy one get one offer – it also supports the buy one get one half off (BOGOHO) offers. In addition, you can easily set flexible discounts based on customers’ order history, client groups or selected roles, order totals, and totals for selected categories. 

Thus, it’s a simple plugin that lets you configure discounts of your choice and imagination – making it an ideal choice for your WooCommerce store. You can check their plugin documentation to learn more. 

Top feature: It supports per product or variation discounts – making it flexible to configure discounts and BOGO offers for different product variations and categories. 

Pricing: The Professional and All Plugins Bundle costs $79 and $99, respectively. 


Customers like getting products for free, and the Buy One Get One (BOGO) offer is a proven sales tactic that helps create a sense of urgency, pushing customers to purchase products and increasing your average order value.

It’s an excellent solution for both product-based and service-based businesses to acquire new customers and increase revenue. So, check out the WooCommerce BOGO plugins mentioned above and choose the best solution per your business strategy, budget, and requirements. You can also check out other advanced discounts here: WooCommerce: How to Offer Advanced Discounts

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