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Pages & Endpoints


It’s very important to understand the difference between WordPress pages installed by WooCommerce and WooCommerce “endpoints”.


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WooCommerce Pages:

WooCommerce Endpoints:

5 thoughts on “Pages & Endpoints

  1. So I’ve been creating WooCommerce sites for years – not tons, but have quite a few that I help clients with and have always wondered about these Pages and end points in WooCommerce:

    Is there any good reason why anyone would ever want to change them? Why is there even an option to change them?

    1. Hello Ian!

      In regard to pages – of course you can create WooCommerce shops without a “My Account” section for example, and treat all customers as guests. You can also delete the Cart page and include the cart table in the Checkout page instead.

      In regard to endpoints – you can either delete them, and that would hide the relevant tab on the My Account page, or customize the slug/URL. Think of a Spanish website, surely you don’t want to send people to the thank you page where the URL is “order-received”, but you’d rather send them to “orden-recibida” or whatever it is.

      Does that help?

      1. Ahhh! Okay, thank you! Yes, it does help.

  2. Hi Rodolfo,
    Thank you for this course. I was thinking of editing the check out/ cart page before I took this course…It’s so lucky for me!! Now I will never edit these woocommerce pages directly..

    1. Great!

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