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Shop Page: ADD Content (Free)


This is how to add content to the shop page by using the visual hook guide. Always start from displaying some simple “TEXT” in the correct position, and then make your functions more complex. A little win is better than hours spent troubleshooting.


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8 thoughts on “Shop Page: ADD Content (Free)

  1. Hi Rodolfo,
    I would like the products on my shop page to open in a new tab when clicked. I have seen many snippets on the web for opening external products and none for opening a new tab for internal products.

    Do you happen to know a snippet that would open the products in a new tab? Thank you!

    1. Hello Phoebe. You should take a look at the shop hooks, there is one that “opens” the a href tag with the product permalink. You should “remove_action” first, and then hook your custom link with target=”_blank”. Does this help?

  2. Hi Rodolfo!
    Is there an easy way to show variations as single product on the product page?
    So all variations is shown, but when they are clicked it will lead to a variable product page.

    1. Hello Frederik, thanks for your comment. This is not related to this lesson but anyway you can look at this premium plugin:

  3. You are a great teacher!….

    1. Thanks!

  4. Hello Rodolfo thanks for your work!
    For woocommerce it was good to be able to add your custom content on the page archive.php (shop) above the product, after the product after_main_content.
    Vladimir with respect to you!

    1. Fantastic!

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