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Using FTP


No FTP, no party. Using the WordPress editor is not ideal – FTP gives you more control, backup, direct access and easy upload/download.


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7 thoughts on “Using FTP

  1. Hi Rodolfo – great content! Thank you. Two questions
    1) why do you have a storefront-child theme with your generate press child theme?
    2) why do you have /woocommerce folder in Storefront-child theme if you recommend no /woocommerce folder in child theme?

    1. Hello Louise!

      1) for testing purposes, so I can switch between themes when I wish
      2) for overriding a third party plugin that requires you to place a template file under /woocommerce/something/something

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hello Rodolfo,

    I was wondering what the safest method would be to move my snippets from the code snippets plugin and transfer them to my functions.php via FTP? I want to safely move them without duplicating content or breaking anything on my site. Thank you

    1. Good question Phoebe! You’ll have to do it manually. You disable one Code Snippet, you copy/paste in your functions.php. You disable another one, paste into functions. When you’re done, simply uninstall Code Snippet and you won’t have any issues

      1. Okay great, thank you!

  3. I think it would have been great to review the file structure, and where someone would have to look to find the WooCommerce folders, that might come up in another lesson, and I do know where they live, I am just pointing out it would have been nice to see it in this video.

    1. No Shessvy, actually this is a very good question! You won’t ever need to open the WooCommerce plugin files via FTP, as the goal of this course is learning how not to override core files. Instead, in one of the previous/future lessons, you will see that the best thing to do is downloading the WooCommerce plugin on your computer, and study its templates and code there. Hope this makes sense!

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