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My Account Pages: ADD Content


This is how to add content to the my account pages by using the visual hook guide. Always start from displaying some simple “TEXT” in the correct position, and then make your functions more complex. A little win is better than hours spent troubleshooting.


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WooCommerce Visual Hook Guide: My Account Pages

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7 thoughts on “My Account Pages: ADD Content

  1. Hi Rodolfo – We have a custom thank you page that displays after an order is completed. How can I change the my-account menu link (which we display as Login / Register) to show Logout if the shopper is logged in? and then redirect them to the site home page?

    Really excellent content, thank you!

      1. Hi Rodolfo – I read that option previously and I see from your site that you change the Account menu item to Login when the customer is logged out, and then back to Account when the customer is logged in.

        What I am wondering instead, for customer simplicity and faster access to the logout click, is there a way to present a logout menu item at the top of our thank you page so that with one click the customer may logout out?

        Or, even better, is there a way to automatically logout the customer after they have completed a purchase? We can then post a note explaining that they are logged out and offer a login menu-option on the custom Thank You for Your Order page? In this instance, we would make use of your conditional Login snippet, and a second snippet with conditional logout?

        We have had customers ask for a more evident and faster logout so that they can secure their account.


        Even though it isn’t intuitive, I expect that the menu name could be changed to Logout instead of Account (even though the link would direct the customer to the account page, where they would then navigate to the logout) and then your snippet would accomplish the intended action from the customer. But on a cell phone, this is just another scroll and time wasted?

        Thank you

        1. Or, even better, is there a way to automatically logout the customer after they have completed a purchase?

          Yes, let me look into this!

          1. Whatever I’m testing, it kinda requires also a redirect away from the thank you page because there is no way to intercept and prevent the autologin.

            You can print a logout button on the thank you page with something like this:

            echo '<a href="' . wc_logout_url() . '" class="button">Logout</a>';
  2. Is there a way to insert ‘shortcodes’ into tabs, pulling in various account content, eg tab for orders, tab for dashboard etc.

    I am building in Oxygen Builder and would like to output the account page content in a tabbed area.

    1. Yes Amanda! Check out documentation to “print” a shortcode via PHP. You will need to, also, build a shortcode – here’s an example:

      Let me know!

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