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Required Tools


If you want to customize WooCommerce you need FTP software, a Code editor, WC, theme, plugins downloaded on your computer and Time tracking software.


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6 thoughts on “Required Tools

  1. Hi Rodolfo,
    I just purchased the course, but still can’t get full access.
    It says” Sorry, this video is visible to fully registered students only.”

    Please help.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Caroline and welcome to CustomizeWoo! Please clear your browser cache and cookies and let me know if that did the trick šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks very much, Rodolfo. I didn’t know Robot Ninja exists! What a great resource! Definitely bookmarking it for larger projects.

    1. Great!

  3. Hey Rodolfo, these checklists are useful. Thank you! I have two questions: 1) How many purchases do you make (on average) when testing? 2) I know you include a 12-month warranty with your customisations. What happens after that 12-month period? Do customers get onto a paid maintenance plan? Or do they just get in touch should they need you?

    1. Hi Noelle!

      1) One every time I edit the website. But it’s never enough. For complex sites, check out Robot Ninja for automated testing

      2) They simply hire me back if they wish.

      Hope this helps!

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